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Daughter was stranded..called Walmart to setup appointment for a new battery. Confirmed that they had one in stock.

After towing car to Walmart, and having them install their "best" battery..we was told it wasnt a battery that she needed..but an alternator. Great, thats for the battery. Anyhow, drove the car home with the intent of getting an alternator installed at a reliable car maintance shop. Next day, left it there while they checked it for several hours trying to locate problems as to why we was having problems with this car (we recently has a alarm system put into it and thought that was the issue).

When they was done, they told me that the only thing they found was a bad battery (the one from Walmart, purchased 24 hr previously). Confused that having 2 bad batteries, the one Walmart replaced and now THEIR battery. Maintaince shop assured me they checked out everything, alternator, starter, alarm..and the only thing was this battery wasnt pulling the energy. OK..drove it back to Walmart, with documentation from the shop about the battery, and they refused..REFUSED to replace it.

They ran a handhead test and confirmed the battery was good. Back and forth..had mechanic call the manager while I was there.. and short temper manager said basically...tough.

So now...this 3 year battery that cost 70 plus bucks is the manager.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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My comment is on Walmart auto service and management. Twice on different vehicles Walmart rotated my tires .each time when getting home I had A wheel cover missing.I called manager,the reply was the cap was on when car left shop.

Thanks For your post


I took my vehicle to Auto zone and O'reilly's to purchase a battery, they informed me the battery was good just needed to be charged. So I had my daughter take it to Walmart, they told her it wasn't holding a charge and she needed to purchase a new one.

She refused and we haven't had a problem one since its been charged. (knock on wood)...


I bought my battery at Wal-Mart it's an everstart 75-N I bought it last winter and now this is the second winter and it's still going good. The weather has been below 0degrees all month and I have all upgraded speakers and a 1500 watt amp on a 15 inch subwoofer.

With a good alternator and proper maintenance I haven't had a problem.

Best deal for under $100. I get a new one if it dies within 3 years.


I have had a Everlast battery in my 2003 highlander . The other day battery exploded while my daughter was driving down street and she ended up breathing in battery acid gas.

The hole negative side had hole blown thru and caught on fire. Did you think Everlast will except responds ability our attorney time ?

@Battery explode burning car

responds ability? WTF?

you mean responsibility. Learn English you dumb ***


Bought an EverStart Maxx battery at Walmart in 2008. Replaced in bad winter weather 2010.

Now, in 2013, again the thing needs replacement. Their Champion line of batteries is supposedly made better and I talked with Johnson Controls who makes their batteries for the data. Still, had enough with free replacement batteries from Walmart or Sam's Club. I just want one to last 8 years with no issue.

Getting Ford Motorcraft battery, now. I see that AC Delco are very good as well. I had a Ford Motorcraft years ago in another car and that lasted forever no problem. Had a Duralast from Autozone in yet another car and that was alright as well.

I highly recomend the Ford Motorcraft, though. They make them for cars of all makes, not just Fords.


Been buying auto batteries from Walmart for years. Never had a problem. Good rating from CR


Am getting ready to take my 4th battery back to Walmart. Will not hold a charge.

I've replaced three alternators, two which had to be reclocked because they came from mexico. Did I mention 9 voltage regulators? That's just in the last year, but still in the end it seems to be the battery. Hmmm, now I'm thinking the battery in the motorhome is from Walmart and it doesn't work and it's new.

Guess I got to get to Sears in the next town over. I am tired of carrying batteries.

I have muscles now! lol By the way, each battery came from a different Walmart because I travel and sometimes sit by the road waiting for the tow truck...


you're educationally challenged, aren't you


Daughter went to WalMart yesterday 8/21/12 with a battery bought March 2010. It has a 3 year replacement on it.

They told her that it was the not the battery but the alternator. I got home and put my tester on it and the charging system is showing 14 volts. Battery will not start without jumping. Had to be jumped again today and drove about 15 miles, took the battery out of the truck and checked the load.

It is supposed to have 850 CCA but is showing 400 CCA. Took the battery back to WalMart tonight, Auto center was closed but found someone who could check it. Paper showed that it had 12.49 volts and 441 CCA and needed to be charged to get true reading. I explained that I needed the battery replaced so my daughter could get to school tomorrow.

The manager on duty agreed to do an exchange and the CSA started the process and she put the SN in and it locked that battery from being returned. The print out said that the battery was not able to be returned because the time limit had expired and I needed to call the manufacturer for options. Where else can you buy an EverStart battery? The manager said she had never seen that message before but the CSA said she had seen it several times before.

The manager offered to sell me a new battery but I declined. I will never buy a battery from WalMart again.

I am just hoping to get my money back from this experience. Tomorrow will be the 3rd trip for this problem.


Anyone know how to read the date codes on Walmart batteries made by GNB?


Bought a battery from Wal-Mart in June.. It went dead and caused my alternator to go out which left me stranded on the side of the road...

So I replaced the battery with the warranty battery and the alternator from Advanced Auto go out to start my car today and the battery is completely dead....

so aggravated never again even if it is under warranty will i get a battery from walmart.. This is outrageous...

Robert A



Does anyone check your existing battery information prior to going to Wal-Mart??? I have seen many people start running Wal-Mart batteries into the toilet and discover they don't even know what CCA is.

I have to replace my Wal-Mart battery this weekend and I'm happy to say that it lasted 7 years! Don't just walk into any store and ask for their cheapest battery, because they will give you exactly what you ask for and you will have to come back here and complain more.

@A Little Common Sense

Bought the recomended size "NeverStart" battery for my 93 camaro, lasted 6 days, took it back, next battery lasted 5 days, next one was again about 5 or 6 days, what fun! Went to Sears and Bought a Diehard Gold, No More Problems!


Are everstartbatterys maintenance free, walmart auto tech said warranty will be voided if vent covers are removed????i bought this type of battery so i could monitor specific gravity with a hydrometer


must make them load test the battery no telling how long on self they do die not being used! Had this even happen with those interstate batteries at the distribution center.


I purchased a Everlast battery with 3 year replacement. The battery went out after 2 years.

I was not able to find recept therefore no replacement. Im buying my next battery fom Costco. They can look up wanrantee like most automotive stores.

I never purchased a batery whre i needs a reciept for replacement. Date is on battery.


I had twice bad experiences with Walmart battery for Ford Expedition.

The first battery ran only 9 months and and it died. Because it was in warranty, the manager gave an replacement. But after a short while the battery once again dead.

This time, I asked for changing the battery, the black man at the store insulted me as "cheapy freebie". And they did not honor the warranty.


Why did you feel the need to include the salesman's color.