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I had unhappy experience with the cashier at Wal-Mart store #5091 (Receipt ID #:7CL2KV1S4267).

After checking out, I took several additional plastic bags. The cashier stopped me and said to me "You should ask me first. You are stealing bags". Then I asked him "Can I have some additional bags". The cashier replied to me "No. Policy doesn't allow that". I went to customer service to find manager. Surprisingly, the manager was the one who stood there, observed everything and did nothing. This makes me even more unset.

Because customers take items by themselves, Wal-Mart should have a sign to ask customers not taking additional bags.

Wal-Mart should train the cashiers and managers how to deal with the situation instead of accusing customer "stealing bags".

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You shouldn't just take the bags. You ask first.

I can't tell you how many times people just come and take a bunch of bags. Those bags come at 500 to a box and cost the company $20 a box. Also, often there is a shortage of bags.

The cashiers need the bags to put customer's merchandise in especially, those large bags that the bus riders like to take. Seriously, if you need bags for your medium sized wastebasket, Walmart does carry them with the other garbage bags.


"Because customers take items by themselves, Wal-Mart should have a sign to ask customers not taking additional bags."

No most adults know not to take things without asking for permission first. This is taught to children when they are only two years old.

They expected your parents to have taught you this a long, long time ago.

When you were two your parents should have taught you not to take other people's things without permission. It is called stealing.


Stealing is Stealing :grin


Most people learn this stuff when there a child.


Most people learn this stuff when there a child.


1 or 2 bags is no biggie. However, the whole rack might be.

When dining out, most places don't mind if a customer takes some extra napkins.

Although, I've heard of someone using a stack of fast food napkins for toilet paper. :eek


Indians love to steal bags as soon as you turn your back they take the whole rack


There is always side effect with trying to save money by asking customer to handle certain things. That’s why some fast food restaurants don’t let customer s take napkins by themselves.

Taking extra bags or napkins is not a crime. People need certain things sometime. If cashiers don’t know how to handle this kind of situation, you lose a customer (This may be for Walmart management).

There are other places to shop. The cashiers in Target are much nicer.


I'm pretty sure they don't need a sign that says "don't take extra bags on your own". I think generally, most people know to ask first.


They actually aren't suppose to give you additional bags, it really is a company policy. They will typically give them to you anyways, if you ask.

The company policy was set in place to keep people from requesting bags (without merchandise to go in them), shoving them in their purse or pocket, walking out one side of the store and re-entering through the opposite side, then shoving merchandise in the bags, then walking out the store as if they paid for it.

Walmart is a huge target for theft, unfortunately. Just ask next time.


I give people extra bags if they ask for them. Never had anyone just take bags.


Things like this are taught when you're a toddler. You dont just take bags, without asking first.

If you were to politely ask for some bags, then the outcome would have been different. That's just common sense, too bad it isnt common nowadayz.


Yeah, that is stealing.


Why would you think you were entitled to those extra bags? That store has overhead to pay for, and those bags are part of it.

They have to pay in bulk for the bags the need to bag your purchases.

:? :?