I tried to return a damaged DVD (original Christmas Carol movie) given as a gift to my husband. We found scratches on it when we opened it Christmas morning.

I lined up at customer service and was told I exchange only. I went to electronics dept to get another copy. I couldn't sift through the lower shelves of disorganized Christmas videos and asked for help (I have severe back issues). The lady did a cursory look and proclaimed there were no copies left.

I went back to Customer Service, lined up again. She said the Manager found there were 3 copies available in the inventory. I was told I had no recourse and was denied refund for a damaged product.I went back to the department and was told she couldn't find it and couldn't help me. Each time I was summarily dismissed.

Other stores refund damaged product, why not Walmart? In this case, there were copies available but I was denied one. A full refund is the only response for a product damaged in shipment if another copy can not be found.

I have worked retail and customer service in different capacities over many years.

Had I acted this way towards valued customers I would have been summarily dismissed.

Walmart policies and customer service are severely wanting and do nothing to promote customer loyalty. I will no longer set foot in a Walmart and will encourage others to do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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One thing I've learned, working in retail, is that computerized inventory is HORRIFICALLY unreliable. This is especially true at high-traffic times like Christmas, and at stores where shoplifting is common. Just because their magic counting box said they have three doesn't mean that they actually honest-to-God have three.


So it would be fine if I bought a DVD, took it home, watched it or copied it (which I can easily do in 20 minutes), and then returned it for a different movie and told them "it didn't work" and repeated the process? That is why you can only exchange for the same movie in case of a defect. Anyone who really can't understand that has no business sense or common sense.

Lanham, Maryland, United States #230340

I have taken DVD'S BACK TO Wal-Mart in Bay City was always offered a refund,store credit or exchange if available. I think that it is wrong to say exchange only.

If the item is not available is that the costumers FAULT???? NO,WHY SHOULD THAT COSTUMER BE PUNISHED?????


Funny, I've never had a problem with Walmart refunding my money where there has been a merchandise problem. I bought a DVD, got it home, put it in the player to find that there was nothing on it.

I took it back, they checked it out, determined that it was a recording error. Since there were no more in stock, they gave me a choice of rain check for a refund. I took the refund. No problems.

Of course, I was courteous to them & I didn't go in "diva" style.

I told them I know that they were busy, but I had a problem with my child's DVD. It is amazing what help you can get then you are nice to them.


Open software (DVD's included) can only be exchanged for the same item only and only in the event of a defect. Wal-Mart is correct in only allowing an exchange.

If it were a damaged toy or other merchandise, they would refund your money.

If you find a store that will allow a refund on open software please let us know.

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