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Yesterday I was at Walmart in Audubon nj and I noticed a shoplifter going out the door and bought it to a employees attention, her respond was its not my problem? Wow! its my problem because price go up do to shoplifters.

Next I went to the electronic department and needed help a!most had to beg for help needed a screen protector for my 8inch tablet which I never purchased due to my mistreatment!

These three girls who were changing prices would not move until I had to explain that I can't see well and one of them helped after one of them rolled her eyes at me! I'm so frustrated at how I was treated!

Your employees don't value their jobs and surely not your customers?

Not satisfied customer!!!!

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First Born Triplet

What can the employee do, they cannot stop shoplifters, only security can and even they have to see it to actually arrest the person. For all they know it could be someone you are trying to get into trouble, ex, ect, or you could be working together to set up a false accusation of shoplifting and sue them for false accusation so unless she saw it she can't do a thing about it.

Tell the security instead of the employee.

They cannot do a thing about it. Also if the girls were changing prices should you not let the employees know, I mean often people change prices and demand the lower price.


You can't see well enough to see the product, but you could see the "girl" roll her eyes? Also, if the shoplifter was already at the door, what did you expect the associate to do, tackle them?

How do you even know they were shoplifting in the first place? Did you see them, even though you don't see well?


If you want to complain to WalMart and get results you are going to have to go directly to their web site. This web site isn't going to do you any good, as it is a general complaint site.