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Persons also contacted: BBB, News Media, District Manager, Store Director as well as Walmart Ethics and Customer Relations. Please Note: It is against WALMART policy to retaliate for any reason towards their customers or employees/associates for making any type of complaint.I previously contacted King 5 News in regards to Walmart and how their Misleading in regards to Price Matching as well as other News Stations.

(I stated this to the News Media due to the overwhelming negative interactions and experiences I have had with Price Matching)Store Location: 1110 West Washington Street - Sequim, WA 98382On 11/28/2011 @ 0855pm/2055, I was in the Walmart in Sequim, WA when I approached earlier before I started shopping at this location one of the Front End Managers/CSM about a Price Match which Walmart states in their policy that they do in fact Price Match, At the time of the incident that occurred the Front End Manager/CSM stated "Go ahead a Price Match the soda". At 0900p/2100, the Front End Manager/CSM wanted me to wait a few minutes because they needed to reset the registers and it would be back up in a few minutes which it was, I came back and there was no problem until after the Front End Manager/CSM left and a different cashier mentioned the price match to Manager(s) were both 2 Managers up front approached me after getting ok and I was being polite, professional, not making a scene, yelling, pestering or making a nuisance of myself when the Managers approached me and said come look at this on the wall and all ganged up on me and threatened to call the police on me and making false accusations against me stating how they dont like you price matching, making a scene and bangering people and making a nuisance of myself. I did NOT at anytime make a nuisance of myself, I was polite and brought proof of price match and did follow up calls with additional Walmart Stores in the area. I wasnt told to leave the store, I chose to leave the scene and NOT endure anymore harassment from this store.

Walmart Stores Contacted: Port Angeles Walmart, Port Angeles WA and Poulsbo WalMart SuperCenter, Poulsbo WA 98370Law Enforcement Involvement: On 11/28/2011 @ 1045pm/2200, I Contacted Clallam County Sheriffs Office- Sequim Police Dept in regards to this incident and how I was wrongfully accused, harassed and attacked by the Management in the store. On 11/28/2011 @1115pm/2315 I contacted the Sheriff Deputy /Police Officer. For more Detailed Walmart Price Match Policy- have treated me very poorly and HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING to resolve any issue, and/or complaint in a timely manner nor take me seriously. This incident hasnt NOT been taken care of at all and the same people who were involved in the incident are still working at the store and no action has been taken in regards to this as far as I can see.

The Manager on Duty that was involved who threatened me still is a manager and no disciplinary action was taken in regards to this matter nor was investigated by anyone at this present time.Also on 12/06/2011 @ 0230pm/1430, I was further retaliated against by Walmart for making a complaint and recieved a call from Walmart Loss Prevention stating that I am a risk and wasn't given an oppurtunity explain the incident that took place and/or my side of the story and that I was banned from Walmart, coming on to their property for any reason, and has instructed the store to call the police immediately and have me arrested if I were to come on their property at anytime. Also it was stated that he has also contacted the Legal Team and Home Office claiming I'm a risk. I am been retaliated against for filing complaints which is very wrong. I NEVER recieved a call from the Area District Manager.

All sides of what occurred should be important .This incident is more than 1 sided and all sides should be heard (Employees, Associates and Managers and others). I have had many contacts with the Corporate Office at 1-800-WALMART as well as making contact with the Walmart Ethics Dept.

Desired Settlement: Other (requires explanation) Desired Outcome Description: I don't want to get retaliated against for making a complaint. This incident should be fully investigated, and the employees/associates should be held responsible for ALL misconduct, and based upon this complaint the business should be held responsible for their own actions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Ok, I know this complaint is reallllly old, but I'm so in awe of the.....the..... I don't even have the words for this.

Of COURSE they trespassed you!

They told you no on a price match, and even if they were rude, you didn't have the right to call the COPS over THAT. I hope that the cops fined you for wasting their time.

Honestly, you are a bigger liability to them than any shoplifter, because you want to scream defamatory things because they wouldn't let you PRICE MATCH. What kind of unstable......I can't even anymore.


we used walmarts online services which was a *** poor experience items are said to be in stock and there not we got items sent to store and one of the items got stolen before we got there to get it and the item that was cancelled we got to wait 10 days to get that money it was bad experience


we used walmarts online services which was a *** poor experience items are said to be in stock and there not we got items sent to store and one of the items got stolen before we got there to get it and the item that was cancelled we got to wait 10 days to get that money it was bad experience


That is absolutely pathetic if you have to price match a soda. A freaking soda.

I seriously hope you're kidding me.

How cheap and pathetic are you that you have to price match a soda? I hope that 5 or 10 cent savings was worth the hassle.

@So sad

@so sad... you must take it up the butt to harass everyone that complains about Walmart. Walmart is less than mediocre at its best.