The cheapest thing is not always the best buy and most of the products are still worth the price tags! Buying from Walmart is supporting child labor in other countries, especially China.

Even thought their CEO's are filthy rich, they refuse to provide health care benefits to their employes and so their many employes are forced to rely on the government and tax payers for health care. In this poor economy, many can't afford not to shop there but it is just making the economy worse not better. They build new stores and put local business owners out of business.

They always have lot of check outlines but only a couple are ever open.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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they're just part of the downward spiral of our economy.

Bucksport, Maine, United States #594238

FYI, Walmart provides insurance for both full and part time associates. As well as STD, LTD, Dental, life and a bit more.

Associates receive discounts on Verizon phone bills, free checking at banks, a much more depending on where your located. I wonder if a mom and pop store can or have ever offered such insurances or discounts? Get your facts straight.

At least the people working at Walmart who are on welfare are working. I would give them my taxes twice before I give my taxes to the individual s breeding, feeding and sleeping on my dime.

to Juicey Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #602307
***...my Wal-Mart NEVER offered those benefits when I was working there...I had to be full time and an associate for six months...well, my six-month mark arrived, and they cook up some *** story to justify shafting me like they do to a lot of their employees. Trust me on this...WAL-MART is an EVIL CORPORATION. :(
Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #593476

So how did the complaints about WalMart, that you listed, cost you $100.00. To me it only makes common sense, especially for people that are lower income to shop where they can purchase things for a lower cost, than they are able to buy it at a locally owned business.

I have bought electronics, household items, clothing, and numerous other items from them and haven't had any problems with any of it. I agree it would be nice to be able to buy locallly, however, on my retirement income of $600.00 a month I can't afford to.

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