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On Thanksgiving I tried to buy a one-day special, an Acer laptop plus case and printer for $358. The checkout form would not let me select a shipping method. I didn't know it at the time, but it also did not let me "save for later." I contacted customer service, by email, since Walmart does not provide a phone number. A day later, customer service told me the reason I couldn't choose a shipping method was because the item was out of stock. they did suggest that I check the website frequently to see when it was in stock again.

I could do that, but the website showed no record whatever of my attempt to order the Acer package - or anything else. So I would have to pay whatever price Walmart wanted to charge.

How is this not illegal?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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So.....Neonbot. Do you get it yet?

The purpose of this place is to *** you off instead of relating a bad experience you had to try and warn others.

Get it ""?

I see you have met their attack dogs. What you didn't realize is that you would end up the pissedconsumer after fooling around with this site!


My goodness, whatever happended to "no personal attacks"?


@Chuck: So Sad isn't a Wal-mart lover. I've seen this person around... all he or she does is berate people who post complaints.


You put an item in your cart online on Black Friday. By the time you went to check out, the item was sold out.

This happens to a lot of people because of limited stock, so items are sold in order of who PAYS first, not who adds the item to their cart. It's perfectly fair.

You need to quit being a baby and blaming you not being fast enough on "bait and switch". Grow up.


YES Walmart sucks! I would not be surprised if what the posters say is true the place is a circus!

I see that more people that work for Walmart or other PAID groups have come on here to discredit a bad review of Walmart. This same thing happens to other posts of other stores. P.S.

I will flame or say whatever I want this is a public forum. People are entitled to their own opinion.


You couldn't select the shipping method? Maybe because it was a special and they had to ship it a certain way to make the deal work? That's not a bait and switch... Maybe the item was out of stock already? Still not a bait and switch. The item wasn't there when you checked "THE NEXT DAY?" It was a one day sale, which means the next day the offer was over. Still not a bait and switch. If you tried to buy the item but it ran out before your order could be paced? That's not a bait and switch!!!

Bait and switch is when they offer you a product, usually at a deal too good to be true, then you pay for it. Then the item you get is far inferior and not what you were told you were paying for. That is a bait and switch. What happened to you? They probably sold out before you could buy the item. That's how limited time offers work.

@Chuch ... What is your problem? If you don't like walmart fine. Some of us do because they offer great deals. If you believe the BS people say about them you may be too gullible to shop for your self. Don't flame some one because you don't happen to like the chain.


@ so sad *** Walmart lover


This is not a bait and switch. Please learn what a bait and switch is before you use that term.

Don't go using that term to fit your needs because you didn't get what you wanted like thousands of others on Black Friday. Walmart also did not force you to go to their website and shop.

You voluntarily chose to go there and shop. Far from a bait and switch.