In order to order a cake u must go to walmart and wait in the long lines and climb throught the crowdd, can't just order by phone, and when u get there they tell you you must be 24 hours or more before your pick up time, when you need a cake asap and look at what they have ready in whipped topping because you need a cake with less sugar and butter creme doesn't work they only have tons of tres leches cakes, nothing againt tres leches but come on, and when you ask for a quick and simple whipped topping cake no writing or decorations to save time then they still don't have 3-5 minutes to throw on some basic white frosting on a small pre made cake as all the cakes are pre made.They need to pre make other cakes besides tres leches and butter creme, the customer service is awful and all they know how to give is excuses, including he store manager who I spoke with, they could not even give a later time they would have 3 minutes to quickly frost a small cake.

I hate walmart and its customer service.Manager or employees did not have a solution for us but kept pushing the dumb tres leches cakes.The website does not even have a good place to share with them which is why I am mentioning it here.


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1311827

the entire store is below standards of most other stores

Moreno Valley, California, United States #1185472

I agree i went in and asked for writing on a cake and was told "no we dont do that!" as she rudely walked away and this was at 8 am so based on the comment the baker must work between 5 and 8 *** why would anyone go in at 5 am to get a cake thats pre done anyway?And no one said anyone was more important than the next.

I dont think i was wrong to ask for writing at 8 am and for no reason did the lady need to be rude if she couldnt do it she should have nicely said im sorry the baker is not in yet no need to be rude at all!seriously people order your cakes from albertsons they are really good i will never get a cake from walmart they suck!!!!


I work at walmart.Look you.

By the f ing time you drag ur self out of bed andvget to walmarts bakery. I can gaurantee you that the cake decorater is long gone. A closer is not even experienced in cake decorating!!!!

So get there at 5 am and THEN YOU CAN MAYBE GET A CAKE YOU.#;!#;;#!!!!


As a walmart cake decorator, it takes longer then 3 minutes to do anything so that the finished product come out nice and clean with out the ignorance of customers running to mnagement.So I can see your never pleased.

I only make tres leache cakes upon request, to much of a hassle. Your local walmart must have a large minority group there that buys those.

And your not important then anyone else.Why should we put you in head of someone that was PREPARED 3 weeks ago.


Well as a Walmart cake decorator I can tell you it takes more than three minutes to ice a cake in whipped.Why your location is pushing tres leches I have no clue, we haven't used them since a recall a couple years ago, I don't like them, too many issues.

We need you to come in so we have a clear idea as to what you need and we need 24 hours due to the fact that most people do everything last minute. It's hugely frustrating trying to please everyone that swears they forgot a birthday especially when you're the only one on. Seriously we can't all be super heroes.

If everything is working well we can do a last minute whipped cake in 30 minutes.I say 30 because you never know if someone else might need something like writing, a cookie or last minute cake.


Too many other places to buy a cake from, then to sweat this.


Make your own cake then.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #828955

You are kidding right? What a spoiled little ***!


Once upon a time I was a cake decorator.Not for Wal-Mart.

The thing you have to consider is that because so many orders are received, they need 24 hours to process them. If they just threw in everyone who didn't have the time to order and was too picky to pick one of the cakes they had out, they would never have orders done. People demanding those sort of favors and getting their wishes granted are often what pushes back the time on the cakes that were ordered. Cakes do not take 3-4 mins to base ice, unless you want it to look like a small child made the cake.

Even then, if they had to go get the whipped icing and load bags, and get the particular cake type you wanted, that alone would take more than 5 mins. Sam's Club also has whipped icing cakes, is usually less busy, has to keep both whipped and butter cream cakes out, so even if you do not have 24 hours, you should have a variety.

Sam's Clubs also accept over the phone orders.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #627634

We have never had an issue but it would be nice to be able to have a larher selection,sometimes we run and grab a cake if we need more food for church functions and have more in attendance than expected, having a good selection would be nice.

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