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I purchased 2 batteries within the 3 months 1 for my Z and one for the vette. They both take the same battery.

I have replaced the one in the z 6 times.

The one in the vette 5 times even upgraded to the champion series on both.... they are made the exact same as the everstart. At first the shop guy at walmart told me the battery tested good. So I asked to see the readout. He showed it to me, and we put the tester back on the battery about 10 minutes later and it had dropped about .9volts. So we did it again and it was down to 10volts. He took me to the back and showed me a little door with about 80 everstart batteries that they were sending back. Thats when I upgraded to champion. I have replaced each champion under warranty every 6 months. Finally I got a battery from batteries plus... and wow its been 2Plus years in the same car no issues at all.

NEVER buy a nEVERSTART and stay clear of the repackaged nEVERSTART Chumpian batteries too.

Reason of review: The batteries dont last over 6 months.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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When I worked there that is what I called their batteries nEverStart. I told customers you will reget buying these because I used a few and they *** out less than a year of use.

When they had a problem with them we would just recharge them and tell them the battery was fine as we were trained to do.

But in-fact their batteries were junk.

For now on I only use Farm and Fleet batteries. Those take a-lot abuse and still work great.