Waco, Texas
Not resolved

i bought 4 rolls of beef and i had to throgh it away because it stuck realy bad iam glad that i dont eat or i and my family would had gotten sick. i would like have something done because i and my famliy could h ave gotten sick and this peroduct was delivered by excel i would like to have a refund or something esle because i didnt pay no $10 dallors for nothing so please i would like for yall to do something about or yall have a lot of going to the hosptial with a diesease that yall might regret

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Brett, i like you. I almost ran out of breath reading this complaint aloud because there is not any logical punctuation. Does it seem like all the complaints come from people who eat at *** fast food joints with their *** snotty kids and can't spell their way out of a wet paper bag?


they deliver meat, first i heard of it. i would have thought they would not deliver meat to your house incase it gets bad. Strange, then again this letter does not exactely have the best English so maybe he meant something else.


OMG !!!! And we let them vote too...


Well maybe if you had a better education you would not need to buy cheap meat. You can start by working on your writing skills.