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Went to buy groceries and picked up case of beer.when i was checking out theu asked for my wifes id and mine.she didnt have it with her. I did and we explained it was my beer.

They didn't let us buy it. So i left all groceries and cancelled sale. Will never shop walmart.

Will go heb or aldis.. Wrong policy

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How is that wrong policy? That's her job on the line, she could go to jail for allowing you to purchase that alcohol.

The policy at most places are anyone in the group who is purchasing alcohol, mush show a valid united sate ID with a picture. She has every right to refuse a sale just like you have a right to not to shop at Walmart. But honestly, its kinda silly you wasted all that time shopping just to forget about it cause you couldn't purchase your beer?

What a waste of time and a childish thing to do, you could have just stopped at a gas station on the way home for your beer. Actually, if you're that much of an alcoholic that your left your entire shopping just cause you couldn't have your beer, then I know for sure you stopped for it.

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