Granbury, Texas

Just like everyone else I was disappointed when I arrived home to get on my computer to get the card plugged in online. The site could not be found and/or it was impossible to figure out what steps to take to ensure that the 431 dollars I had just spent wasnt a waste of time ( knowing a refund was possible I did not fret too much). Anyhow, after hours of research I was able to log my card in and it stated that within three days I should have my iPad. here is the link. Good Luck to you all. I know how you all feel trying to get this done just knowing you already paid for it. hope this eases your troubles.

( and yes... I too am very disappointed in Walmart)

Monetary Loss: $431.

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how did you sign up?? My receipt has no access code


I was able to pick up the ipad today. So very pleased indeed.


are you sue your going to receive the item in 3 days or the confirmation email in 3 days?