Tillsonburg, Ontario

Purchased a bike for my daughter (11) in spring of 2015 from Walmart in Tillsonburg, ON. she didn't ride too much at first.

July she started riding more often. July 14 she was coming home from local water park. Her one pedal cme right off while she was pedaling causing her to lose balance and fall off. It was clearly n assembly issue or some kind of malfunction.

This was not normal wear and tear. My daughter was hurt. She smashed and scraped her knee bad. 2 weeks later and it still hurts.

She had other minor injuries. This should not have happened. She could have hurt herself much worse. So far I have had to bug Walmart.

Walmart along with the assembly company should be responsible. Walmart should make sure a bike is safe before selling it. I have heard from 2 Walmart employees. They tell me reports have been filed and now I have to wait 2 weeks for the assembly company to contact me.

That Walmart has nothing more to do with it. They take no responsibility. My daughter has no bike now. I wont let her ride that one.

I dont have a lot of money to buy another. Shouldn't Walmart take some responsibilty?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't blame Walmart. They assembled your bike for free, out of courtesy. You should have taken the bike to a bicycle shop and had the bike assembly rechecked (of course you have to pay for it).

No free money for you honey.


Quit your whining. Why would you assume someone making minnimum wage would have the basic skill set to assemble a bike.

Buyer beware.

And when it comes to your child, why wasent she wearing proper protection while on the bike?

Do you drive around in your car without a seatbelt on? Basic safety is the parents responsiability, not Walmarts!

People like you, who do not have common sense, should have their computers and internet connections taken away so others do not have to endure your stupidity.