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I recently lost a newly purchased vacuum out of my cart at the Wal Mart in Highland Village. It fell out of the bottom and was snatched up seconds later by another customer in the parking lot.

I know this because they watched the video from that day and saw the whole thing. Called to tell me that they saw it happen, but that Wal Mart isnt liable in any way. I believe it fell out because of a very rough stone entrance that always shakes up everything in your cart.

I am poor. And, now I still don't own a vacuum, and have no idea when i will be able to buy one again.

Ive decided to stop shopping at Wal Mart forever.

The thousands I would have spent there over the future years are better spent elsewhere. I understand it isnt Wal Marts responsibility, but I still come away with a bad feeling.-Courtenay Tosti

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1128787

thank you for the new vacuum cleaner, it works great on cat fur. I would highly recommend you buy one.......... oh wait you already did.

to Mister Clean #1129385

Wow. You're a really great person.

to Mister Clean Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada #1129411

Now I have the vacuum cleaner, the one that Mister Clean stole from you. I broke into his house and stole it.

He is right it works great. I will sell it to you for only half the price you paid for it.

Muskegon, Michigan, United States #1127525

I had the same thing happen to me at miegher but with a TV. I went into the store and the manager graciously gave me another one.

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