Make sure you read the fine print...I purchased what I thought was their 32' TV guarantee voucher. Was advised by the Walmart EE to keep the card and receipt together, and when I wanted go online and order it by following the steps.

I thought great. Put the receipt and voucher back for a later date. That date being today only to find out they had a specific date you had to order to guarantee you get the product you purchased. So now they are telling me its just a gift card and I'm not entitled to the TV.

I would think Walmart would know how many individuals purchased that TV and would be able to honor that price no matter what date you place the order. I was extremely disappointed in this and Walmart's generic response.

Just take my receipt and voucher to my local Walmart to receive a refund.

I want the TV....

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Paisley, Florida, United States #762647

I did sign up and got an order number stating delivery by 22nd,22nd is almost over.The store does not have it and there is no tracking info so apparently it has not shipped.At least you haven't been waiting for something that may never come.I will never go to walmart's black friday again to be treated like sheep.They make no effort to fulfill their obligations.They shut down all their phone lines leaving only messages to call back.No email about their failure to meet their commitment or apologies.

This was my first and last walmart black friday

Funk, Nebraska, United States #761898

So how long should they hold onto something YOU said you buy a month ago?? What a dipshi.t ....


The cashier told us that there was a deadline, but even if they didn't it clearly states on the ticket. Also it's been on the news and everything. I find it a little cynical that you waited so long anyway.


From what I remember seeing on the Black Friday ads, it was stated how long the vouchers were good for and if I remember right, it was a very limited time. Why anybody would stand in line to get a voucher and not use it right away is beyond me.


Were there dates called out on the receipts? Most sales / specials are time sensitive.

Zephyrhills, Florida, United States #761636

I have noticed that the service has deteriorated, employees and management are less caring and appear annoyed more often when approached with a legitimate problem.The store in Tampa, 33647 has a manager who doesn't return phone calls and can't be seen at the store. Departments are under served, and you wait long periods to get help. I'm done.

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