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I received a "guarantee card" for an iPad mini in the store from an employee who had an entire cart full of iPads. I asked her if I could have one, and she said "No, these were purchased already". Then why were they in her cart? She told me to go to the register to buy this card.

After waiting almost an hour in line, I was told by the cashier that she could not ring it up at the register and I had to go wait in line at consumer service. Almost every register was funneling all customers who had a card into these 2 lines. After waiting another 30 minutes in line I was told that I would get my $100 gift card (promo) when the iPad shipped, NOT in the store. I had to register my iPad card on a website and then purchase the iPad with the card online. This was inconvenient because I planned on using my $100 gift card for other purchases but was unable to do so.

The website took over an hour to load because of "high volumes". I finally purchased the iPad and was told the delivery date would be Dec. 14-22. This morning, I checked and a new delivery date was posted: Dec. 23-27. I just checked again and it says "Processing: Your order is estimated to arrive between 12/26 and 12/31."

WHAT?!?! So much for the guaranteed before Christmas delivery date.

I am going to report WALMART for false advertising and hope you will do the same!! We need to file a class action suit.

Waited on hold for over 30 minutes... 1-877-745-0190

Update: The customer service rep told me this "Processing" message was a "website error" and that all items were guaranteed to arrive by Dec. 22, without even asking for my order number. After I insisted he check my order number, he told me to wait until the 22nd and my item would arrive on time. He said a lot of people have been panicking and calling about this (no kidding?). I asked him if the item would really arrive on a Sunday and he hesitated and said "No it will be before then". Then I asked him "So am I out of luck if it doesn't?" and he hesitantly said "No, it will".

So Walmart apparently expects us to take our chances here and risk not having a gift for our children on Christmas.



"When will my order arrive in the store?

Your order will be available for pickup in the store before Christmas. You will be able to track the estimated arrival date of your order as soon as you receive your shipping confirmation email. If you have ordered more than one 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee item, your items will ship separately and may arrive at the store on different days."

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I tried purchasing a cell phone and protection plan via walmart.com but they kept processing the order, then canceling it after a few days when it was going to ship, plus the arrival date was 2 weeks later than promised right at checkout. But they refused to honor any of my payment methods (PayPal with any account I used, Visa, Mastercard) and so I was on the phone wasting my about to expire cell phone minutes an hour at a time with Walmart.com customer service and they never did 'fix' the issue they had with my 'account'.

Only that it was either 1) an error on their end or 2) they couldn't verify the security *** so they refused to ship the order.

I refuse to attempt to buy anything at walmart.com now, so they have potentially lost a lot of business from my family.


Walmart is a fraud; ordered the tablet with the 1-hour guarantee and never received it nor my refund; they keep telling me I will get my refund in 7 days; still nothing; customer service is a joke.


i am having the same issue with my ipad mini order. i got the gift card emailed and it says that estimated pick up day is the 24th. Too bad I have to leave town on the 23rd.


My tv is also still processing. I originally had a date for delivery of Dec 14-17 and I have no update I also beleive this is false advertising.

If we wanted our money back, we wouldn't have counted on the guarantee.

I want the advertised price and my money back until it actually comes in. A raincheck would have been better suited.


same here with the beats head phones took an nice interest raising month for them to finally send my headphones out then when they get to the store I find out its an all white pair. The only pair that don't sell guess since i didnt have the option to choose the color when they were taking my money for them they decided to toss me them bottom sellers. I just got a refund no more electronics from them tiger direct all the way for me.


Racist crack honky and your "black friday."


Bashing Walmart is not bashing black people and if you think it is YOU are racist.


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I agree one hundred percent with you!!!!!~ I waited for the beats headphones. Processing for two weeks and changed arrival dates again on this past Monday and Today for deadline way past Christmas day!!!!!

What don't they understand about guarantee? Got me once but never again.

I do not trust people/companies that lie!! I will shop elsewhere.


Update: My order status is still processing and has changed to: "Your order is being processed. It will arrive on Thursday, 12/26/2013".

It was slated to arrive 12/26-12/31. Not a big improvement there.