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Walmart did the same scam today that I read happened in 2008. They advertised a 51 inch TV.

that were supposed to go on sale at midnight, However, when my children and I got there, they were already gone. We arrived 2 hours and 15 minutes before midnight. We asked an assistant manager and she told us that she had given out the tickets for the TV at 7:30 pm that evening. I went home and looked through all their newspaper ads.

I could not find any place where it indicated that the store would be giving out tickets prior to midnight. I had even talked to a clerk the day before Thanksgiving and asked about the sale. The clerk told me to come in ahead of time and stand in the area where the TV's would be sold.

This is very irritating! It seems like false advertising to me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Janet....grow up and stop *** like a big baby. This is a public forum where anyone has the right to reply to any post. If you don't like that then don't post on a public forum.


@ Tim You said "not quit all the :cry" I think you meant to say "NOW quit all the :cry" you *** i n dumb *** troll


A nice post for a change... the 51" is available for free site to store @

Not quit all the :cry


Ok this black Friday was truly the best! Originally I wanted the 42 in sharp flats screen that best buy advertised for $199, then a friend of mine came into town from jersey and told me about the 40 inch walmart offered for $248 in Kearny NJ.

So after dinner my cousin and I went to best buy and the of course the line was ridiculous so I called up my friend who was already in the store at walmart and already had her ticket and was waiting on line to pay for her tv. After convincing her to get someone else to take a ticket for me I raced to Kearny to claim my prize. Whe. I.

Got there the line to get in the store was unbelievable, it was moving but slowly after 40 mins on the line my friend came out to the back of the line where I was standing handed me ticket and I was all set.

Unfortunately my cousin started hating And refused to wait in line to get in so I ended up leaving a d driving her all the way back to bk then back to Kearny to get my hands on the goods. When I got there the store was still packed with people but the line to get in was gone I walked in paid for my set and had it in the back seAt of my car in less than 20 mins, making this the best black Friday ever!!


When I worked at a Walmart, we had people liveing in our layaway dept for 3 weeks when the Ps3 first came out and we only received 6 of them in. What I THink is that Everyone of you needs to work in Retail for at least from October till March....Maybe thwn you'll wise up and realize that the Sales arn't that good of deals anyway, AND IT"S NOT WORTH THE HASSLE OF TRYING TO GET SOME MEANINGLESS METERIAL IDEM THAT WILL BEE CONSIDERED WORTHLESS IN 6 MONTHS ANYWAY! SPEND THE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES!!


Once there are enough people in line to buy all of the stock the store has, it doesn't matter if they wait until midnight or not. Either way, you're not getting one. Get over it.


Okay we got there at 7pm for a midnight advertised laptop. First in line and ticket in hand by 9pm.

Midnight no product, 12:30 still no product, 1am assistant mgr says laptops "lost" and we will be contacted next week with resolution!

They didn't verify they had the product BEFORE the sale started?? What a joke!


This is why I hate Black Fridays. All the mor0ns and l0sers whine about items they didn't get that they don't even need.

Oh boo hoo hoo quit crying like a big baby because you didn't get a TV. Christmas should be about being with family and not gifts.

People like you have ruined the meaning of the holiday season. Not too mention there were more people there before you got there so you wouldn't have gotten a TV anyway.


what a joke,they should go back to opening at 4am friday,we got there at 9 pm thursday night and you couldnt even walk inside the store,people already had the flatscreens in there cart,and they couldnt even pay for them untill midnight,everbody were camped out all over the store,sitting in the chairs from sporting goods,isles were completely with people just waitng,and people trying to shop still,what a complete joke and of course all the flat screens were already taken,after and hour of that my wife and I bolted for target which opened at midnite, got in there got a flat screeen and other items,got out of the store in 90 min.not quite as good of savings as walmart,but a much better experience.


Arrived at 4:30 PM no one had "any idea" about vouchers or tickets for the laptops or tv's

Wife and I decided to stay and get in different lines well by 7PM there were around 10 people in line.

At 8:30 PM the crowds showed up in my tv line there were 100 people at least my wifes laptop line there were 40 people

At 9:50PM walmart managers came by explained that they had 82 tv's and 82 laptops

We were not allowed to purchase anything in advance no in the store was, at 12 midnight I was handed a voucher #1 by the way to buy the tv and my wife also #1 for the laptop

Had to wait in checkout line TWO HOURS then wait in our car 20 minutes in the "pick up line" out side the rear of the store to receive the tv

TOTAL time at walmart 10 hours a really nice laptop and tv priceless :grin


What does it matter if they handed out tickets or not? There were still more people there before you then there were televisions, so you still wouldn't have gotten one.

Obviously the people who had the tickets were willing to wait in line to buy the tv, Walmart just gave them CUSTOMER SERVICE and said you were here first, for your convenience you can have this ticket which guarantees your tv so that you can go do other things. Either way, you weren't getting a tv.


i don't get why the sale starts at midnight, but everyone was allowed to purchase their items before midnight. just because they hadn't payed for it doesnt mean they didnt get it.

i mean, getting numbers the day before the sale?

WTF! :(