Kingman, Arizona

Call me crazy but I go to black friday at Wal-Mart this year however was especially unpleasant I went for the guarantee 32 inch 98 dollar tvs the deal was that as long as you were there you either got a tv or got a gift card that orders a tv later at that price I just wanted gift card thing I wasn't expecting to make it there for the physical tv that would be hard so I got there at 5.00 it started at 6.00 got a paper describing where everything is went to area very packed ask associate about what we need to do and she told me don't even ask we had 275 and there all gone were done with that it was only 5:40 first of all why did they already sell them all it was supposed to start at 6:00 so it's fair I didn't mind that so much but I asked her about gift card thing she said I have no idea what your talking about were done with that get out of line along with 4 other people she told to get we did I was very upset that I couldn't even get the deal went asked other person said same thing asked other said I don't know asked other said I think tvs get sold in electronic department there was no meeting about this this is there busiest time of year they didn't have a staff meeting or something why would they even advertise for it everyone in the store was talking about it finally after losing all the good deals asking incompetent employees about deal went back to original department it was supposed to be sold in guess what I found the original rude women who told don't even ask I had 275 and sold them all we didn't even think we would sell any was handing out Wal-Mart gift certificates that you were supposed to buy for 98 dollars why did she tell me she had no idea was I talking about I was so mad I got one still but I didn't get any of the other deals because I was to busy talking to incompetent employees now don't get me wrong I understand Wal-Mart employees have a very stressful day and it's hard to answer every question but this is ridiculous emailed customers service never got back in touch

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Anybody that goes shopping on Black Friday has a mental problem.

John N

I cannot believe how badly you fracture the English language and your spelling and composition are atrocious and an insult to anyone who ever advanced beyond the third grade. Kindly go back to elementary school, pay attention in English class and then come back and re-write whatever it is you are trying to complain about.