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In our local Black Friday ad it stated "Event 2 10 p.m. Thursday Nov 22. While supplies last. Limited Quantities. Sorry, no rainchecks.

There was a 60" Vizio LED Smart TV for $688 that my fiancee and I thought we'd try and get. He even called the local store on Wed 11/21 to confirm they would have these TV's here and they said yes.

At 9:15pm, my fiancee and his 15 yr old daughter headed to Walmart. Once at the store they headed straight to the Electronics dept where it appeared only 2 other individuals were waiting for this same item. A store associate stopped to see if anyone needed help and it was then that she informed my fiancee & the other individuals that Pre-Sale tickets had been give out at 6:00pm (4 hrs prior to the sale) and that all 14 60"Vizio's were already spoken for.

NOWHERE in the sale flyer was there mention of the advance tickets, nor was it mentioned when my fiancee contacted the store the day before the sale.

HOW DID ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THESE ADVANCE TICKETS? My guess is you had to have a close friend or relative working @ the store who tipped these 14 people off. False advertisiing and I did send email to corporate demanding a raincheck and of course have heard nothing from them.

Monetary Loss: $688.

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First of all, if you went to a Black Friday sale that starts at 10 and you don't get there until after 9:15, you aren't getting it for sure. You have to get there by 5 to even have a chance.

Second, if the store got X amount of TV's, once X amount of people were lined up for it (which again I'm sure was hours before your fiancee got there), you weren't going to get it anyway, so what difference does it make?


MANY STORES DO THIS ON BLACK FRIDAY! BEST BUY is another example who does it.

You will not be getting a rain check because you're not entitled to one.

Black Friday sales at all locations are no rain checks and while supplies last. I suggest you do some research on Black Friday and you will soon find out you're the ***.


If this happened at your local WalMart in McCook, Nebraska, how come is your post stating Minneapolis, Minnesota? Even so during time like Black Friday and this year on Thursday too, you don't wait until the last minute to get there.

I have never went shopping on Black Friday because I have always heard about how long you have to be there before you even get in the store. Here in South Dakota, people even camp out in the parking lots of the stores, even when it is bitterly cold. It is also really well known that the really big sales have a very limited quantity.

You just have to get there extremely early if you want a chance at the big ticket items. As far as not knowing about the vouchers, I don't know if it was mentioned in the ads that we got, however, I did hear it mentioned on the news and read it online that they were going to be handing out vouchers.


I totally agree with you. They should definitely tell you that they are giving out vouchers.

It is deceptive.


Obviously your first Black Friday. Everywhere operates like this.

Those people didn't have privaledged information, they just showed up and waited early because they know that the really good deals go fast. Once the line gets long enough they hand out the tickets so that the people that were there first are guaranteed and everyone else doesn't waste time standing in line for 6 hours to not get their item. Wouldn't you be more upset if you stood around for hours and didn't get one? Most of the time those deals are not worth the wait to normal humans.

If anyone could show up 15 mins before and get one than Walmart would have had to stock 10000 of them.


Completely agree. Who waits until 9:15 to go to a 10 oclock sale?

That is ridiculous. My local store had people waiting at 2pm Thursday afternoon for items that went on sale at 10pm. That is just not smart shopping on your part.

It irritates me to no end when people think just because they show up right before the sale that the store has enough in stock. The warehouse only ships a set number, and as 3stacks has said....if the line gets long enough, or even if the customers are started to get aggitated, then yes, they will distribute tickets so they can move on to other parts of the store.

Crystal D

This was at the local Walmart in our home town of McCook, Nebraska.