Pierron, Illinois
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Waitied in line at Walmart for several hours for the "1 Hour Guarantee" on a 32" LCD television.

The idea looks pretty simple. If they run out of the item, which they most certainly did, they issue you this "1 Hour Guarantee" care (really just a Walmart giftcard) that is supposed to entitle you to order the product online and have it shipped to your local store within a few business days.

My guess is that Walmart was not prepared for the influx of internet traffic related to customers trying to log in to register these cards as the servers appear to have crashed or it is unable to accomodate the traffic.

Don't attempt to get anyone at customer service line, because it automatically transfers you to a fast busy and hangs up.

So much for this idea. Extremely poor customer service to say the least.

Hey Walmart. How about UAT testing before you launch something like this.

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I had the same problem as Binks....idk if you will read this but did you get your problem solved?........if you did how?....nd if you didn't fuuuuuuck I'm sooo pissed at walmart


They apparently didn't follow instructions. I work for Walmart, and at least at my store, we received a printed sheet of paper giving instructions on exactly what to do and what amount was to be paid in store.

I was a supervisor of the IPads in my store, so I'll use as example.

The sale price was $399, and sales tax in my state is .07%. So all they had to do at the register was scan the 1 Hour card, which would have totaled 399, and then sales tax would have been added in automatically by the register. So in this case, the exact totaled which should have been paid would have been $426.93. They obviously didn't load the cards right if they are saying that sales tax wasn't supposed to be included. That instruction was included to make sure that when customers went online to order the item, there would be no extra charges occurring, making the process simpler and faster. You each should have been able to register, add the item to your cart, and then pay using this gift card, and the amount you owed should have been covered by the amount you paid in store.


The problem i have is when i put the pin number in they said your card had been submitted. Didnt give a conformation number or how am i sure im getting ny TV !!!! it didnt say nothing, like will e-mail you, or thank you for your purchase, nothing period !!!!

juan s

no sirve este servicio


My mom and I purchased the guarenteed cards and questioned the cashier about no sales tax. She assured us that this was correct and that they couldn't load the sales tax onto the card because it was a giftcard purchase.

Then, like everyone else, when we go to register the card, insufficient funds. We weren't driving back to Walmart, so we called and did the upload to the card online, but customer service was of no assistance to us. Just a thought...they (Walmart) is aware of having to pay sales tax, they just want you to jump through hoops to get this stuff.

It's pretty much all a scam to get you in the door.


Had the same not enough money problem. Just reloaded card with enough to cover tax and got the gift card to work. *** Walmart.


had the same problem. walmart shame on you to collect money and customers cant get the service.


My card says not enough money on card to purchase the TV. talked with a wal-mart representative and she was very helpful and nice, but did not have the answers.

She took my complaint and information and is going to have someone contact me. Hoping it will be soon, but still going to try to get some answers from another source..


I had the same problem with the sales tax. You can reload the gift card with additional $ on Walmarts website to cover the taxes. It took 5 mins and I was able to get my card registered.


I called customer service. They did not add sales tax to my cards.

So You have to go to walmart.com > gift cards> reload gift card and follow the instructions to add the correct amount of sales tax to your card. Then the registration works after you do that.

***. Walmart.

No wonder why I hatee them and rarely shop there unless it's a "great deal" - you know the saying... if it looks too good to be true....


I knew a white person shouldn't shop on black friday


problems with this deal here too...it says I don't have enough on my card to get my item? The receipt says I was charged and it matches the card number I was issued so WTF? why couldnt walmart simply hand out rainchecks and they deal with ordering the *** what a pita is all I can say.


same thing--says i don't have enough on the card for the tv--receipt shows I do---weird though that another walmart site registered it differently---two different walmart.com ??


same thing happened . I am in sierra vista .

hope this gets fixed by sunday . I bet there will be a line at wal mart tomorrow about this .