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Walmart Black Friday Emerson 32" TV is only a 25" not 32"

I bought 2 of these. I waited hours in lin for it. The website and box do not list the screen dementions. The diag measurement is 31.5 from corner to corner.

The screen is only 25" diag

If I price out 25" TV's I can find them less expensive and better brands at any time.

This was a rip off!!!!!

I am returning it and giving them a piece of my mind. I cant believe the thousands of these that were sold and how many people were ripped off. A laywer should file a class action against both emerson and walmart for this deception!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $188.

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If you read what they posted you will see that total diag measurement was 31.5 and screen was 25 diag. I bought one for my daughter and her family and it looks alot smaller than my Samsung 32"


So you say your TV is 6.5 inches short of the advertised sized in diagonal measure? I bought 5 and they all measured correctly. Maybe you didn't measure it correctly?


That's what I would do, punch a walmart employee.


So - means that after you sign onto this site, you will be attacked by the dogs of, and you will be the one pissed.


All TV/computer/tablet screens are messared from the top left corner to the bottom right. it's been the way since tv's were invented.


LOL, I wouldn't waste my time reporting anyone on here because I believe strongly in freedom of speech. I also believe that exercising a thing called 'tact' goes a much longer way than slinging cheap insults like children.


I meant "save" instead of "say"


I agree with the poster that is a HUGE ripoff! To the people who are discrediting the review all I got to say is you guys are *** I notice all these people that work for the companies are discrediting all reviews to save their own *** To the people from the companies trying to say their own *** all I got to say is a BIG *** CK YOU!


Are you ever on the wrong site if you aren't expecting personal attacks. Welcome to the attack dogs of Be advised, they will NEVER stop the attacks - and reporting them profits nothing.


I thought personal attacks would be deleted? Give Humrx a break!! A simple explanation would suffice.


Its not Walmarts fault that YOU didn't know TVs are measured from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.


Just another sucker in the frantic panic to help the corporations of the world by going to black friday sales. Pathetic, and yet you want justice.


You were not "ripped off" You just didn't do your research. That is how TV screens are measured!!

The companies measure from upper left corner to lower right corner. It's not Walmarts fault you didn't know this.