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I live in Washington DC and shop every year Black Friday in New Burgh New York. This is an annual tradition my sisters and I share while home for Thanksgiving.

I waited on a line for hours to purchase 4 Televisions, 2 40 inches and 2 50 inches. While at the store I checked the brand via sales personnel and store management. Previous year I purchased 2 element televisions and they were total garbage. I donated them to goodwill a week after purchase...So this year I was careful to check the brand.

I left the store with three emersons with a slip to pick up the fourth one in my home state. I didn't worry because I believed the guarantee. I received an email seven days before Christmas to pick up the television, Great considering it was for my teenage son for Christmas. I arrive at the store and was handed an element Television...I became very angry and was told the brand varies from store to store.

I didn't feel that applied to me because element was not the offered brand at the time of purchase. Five days before christmas walmart told me I either take the TV or wait for them to get a emerson which would not be until after Christmas or except a gift catd ib the amount of the television. Well thank you Walmart for ruining my sons christmas....I'm to take whatever you give me or I'm welcome to buy something else at your store.

They refuse to take it back and refund my credit card not to mention the hours I waited on line. Walmart got me again....THIS WAS INDEED THE LAST TIME Walmart will see any of my hard earned money

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $229.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Way they handled the situation.

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Calera, Alabama, United States #919185

AArrghhhh! again with the TV's. just go jogging and lose that fat @ss


The ad plainly stated that the TV brands varied from store to store.Why would you think that didn't apply to you??? The stores are sent a specific brand TV for the in store sale and the one hour guarantee which you received while there.

However, your hometown store were sent the Element TVs. You don't get to pick and choose the brand. Did you read the ad??? Walmart didn't ruin your sons Christmas, didn't you buy 3 more TVs?

The TVs were $115-$118 for a 50 inch and you still complain because its not the brand you want? You sound very greedy and selfish. Who really needs 4 TVs?

I'm sure someone who needed one and couldn't afford to pay a high price would have loved to purchase one, whether it had been an Emerson or an Element.Next time read the ad, if it says the brand varies from store to store that means YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED any specific brand. Get over it and stop acting childish.

to Anonymous #919235

90 percent of complainers act like they are six years old,

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