Arrived at Walmart in Cincinnati at 3AM to get in line for 32" Emerson TV. Sale on Electronics had been advertised for days to start at 5AM..

Was told tickets were passed out at 12AM and all tvs were already sold. Tried to talk to store manager, but was nowhere to be found. To add to my anger, people in the store who had tickets for the TV were trying to sell them to other customers. If this sounds right, then what the *** is wrong!

Have made a complaint to 1-800-Walmart, but probably nothing will come of it. Walmart Sucks!

.... Pissed in Cincinnati

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219411

Anyways when I went to talk to the store manager that day he said that the sign clearly said the tickets would be giving out at 12am on the dot. I saw 2 am he changed the sigm.


The same thing happened in Warner Robins, GA


Same thing occured to a group of us in Philly. We got there @ 12 we found out they had opened the doors @ 10!!

and had already given out the vouchers for the TV's by 11. People were sitting in the isles for hours because they still could not check out on the registers until 5am.


Walmart store managers don't exist, like unicorns and leprechauns. duh.


The real problem is that all you people decided to stand in line at 3:00am for *** that you don't need to be spending your money on anyway. You're like a bunch of Somalis standing in line hoping for the UN to give em a bowl of rice. Think if it this way; without a new TV you might actually get more excercise and shrink that enormous a$$ of yours.

The same thing happened to us in Oklahoma. We got to Wal-Mart At 2am for the 5am sale.

We wanted the e-machine laptops but they had given out all the tickets by 8pm that evening!!! We were so pissed and my mom complained to the manager and nothing came of it. Plus the slips make no sense because they were only handing out the number of tickets for how many items they had. Therefore there were no lines ppl were taking tickets and walking around the store until 5am some actually going home or to their cars till it was time to pick up their items!

That makes no sense if that is how it is going to happen then next year I'm gonna go the day before the sale & demand a ticket sense they dont follow any type of rules!

:-/ We will still shop there b/c walmart is the only store within 45 minutes of our town, so no boycotting Wal-Mart anytime, I think that would be pretty impossible honestly! :zzz

don't waste your time.it's not that important.

Port Byron, New York, United States #215901

It's not really a scam. It's not like you paid x for y and never received y.

Walmart was clear about the rules, but they weren't ripping you off.

That being said, I still understand your frustration.

i had the exact experience as you did. Got to walmart at 3 (i wanted the same tv emerson 32 inch for 198) for the sale at 5 thinking i was ahead of the game.

Boy was i wrong. My walmart is in hermitage pa in which ppl started to line up for these tvs at 8pm and they sold their tickets at 10pm for the tam tvs to actually be sold at midnite.

I am wanting to put together an anti-walmart day in my town then maybe move it state-wide then mamde country-wide. I already wasnt a walmart shopper but will definitly never go back for anything.

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