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I bought two Apple iPad Mini's that come with a $100 GC at the 1-Hour Guarantee event. This was a Great Idea with the Worst execution I have ever seen at a major retailer.

The great part is that you will still get your item at the Black Friday price even though they ran out during Black Friday. No problem with that.

My problem with the execution of the idea is that they take your money UP FRONT (but you don't get the Gift Card up front). And you are stuck waiting for your item 3-4 or more weeks, there is no guarantee on delivery time.

At the time of the Voucher purchase, they tell you it will arrive by Christmas which the online order status initially said also. Now the order status says it might be after Christmas. Who knows what it will say in a day or two. There is actually no guarantee.

Monetary Loss: $325.

  • Spoiled Christmas
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Seattle, Washington, United States #771700

Oh, and GFY Anonymous for you comment on 12/12 about my 'deal' price.

Seattle, Washington, United States #771699

I finally got mine on 12/21 and the eGift card was emailed on 12/14 when the status finally showed 'shipped' but the aggravation, run-around and hand-wringing put a very bad taste in my mouth about Walmart. Despite the 'shipped' status, the Tracking info was unavailable until almost the day I received the 'you can pick it up now' email. More and more companies seem to be doing this. So my list of companies that I won't order Online from is growing very long.

I should also mention that I spent several hours in at least 3 phone calls to the 800# and several visits to the local store. Spoke to an Electronics Dept Asst Manager. All left a pleasantly bad taste for the Walmart image with me. If I don't get the item the moment I pay for it when I buy it in person, I don't plan to buy from Walmart again.

My first email said I could expect delivery between 12/14-12/22. A few days later I see an update to the delivery estimate saying 12/20-12/26. I call in to complain and say I was told it would be here by XMas, this is an XMas present. Nothing they can do but 'unofficially' the 800# rep tells me they are being told it will get there before 12/24.

I think the One Hour In Stock Guarantee was a great idea when I first heard they were doing it. I hope other stores start to do it but really hope they do better than the sh|tty job Walmart did.


I finally got someone on the phone and they said it will be here by the 22nd! Mine is a Santa gift!!!!

If I do not receive it by then I will NO longer buy from Walmart!!! This is a joke!!!!!!!


My order finally shipped after processing since 11/28. I have not received the $100 gift card.

I have checked my spam folder. There is no way to track the trucked shipment.

Everytime I call the 1-800 number I get disconnected due to a high call volume. I really hope the media starts to report on this.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #758388

Let me spell this out for you......there was never any inventory to back the promo.......we call that smoke and mirrors.....the whole scheme was to get you into the store, get your money.....give you some flimsy promise on a delivery date.....that they KNOW would never have been met. But don't fret you were not the only sucker made by Wally World.....


Why is this $325 monetary loss? Hm, can understand you're bummed, but stating its a monetary loss seems pretty false and steep claim, considering you will get your items.

Round Rock, Texas, United States #758371

The Wal-Mart confirmation email said delivery between the 15th and 22nd. Now I just received my email and it "shipped" with an ETA of 12/26.

I call the 800# and they are receiving heavy call volumes and just hangs up. I sent an email to customer service and the response is a generic one.

No one to contact. Totally bummed right now.


at least you got a great deal "price".

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