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I bought a boost mobile phone min card paid fifty dollars so i get receipt my card number all info on it so when time to add min i had kept the receipt what keep the card for when i have the number on my receipt so when i put my card number in it says card not activated so i call boost mobile they run the number twice see it was never activated tells me go back to walmart tell them they sent me card never got activated so the walmart employee treats me like im a scam artist trying to get free min remind u i have receipt with bar code number for card along with card number i am pushed away like im a joke and i lost fifty dollars cause they can't and wont help me only because i don't have the card that they messed up and didn't activate ***

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I'm having this same issue, now. I bought a $35 reboost card.

When the employee scanned it, it said "item not found," so the employee typed in the name of the item, deoartment number, and price. Then sold it to me. I went home and tried to use the card, but Boost Mobile's automated system said that the card wasn't activated, and to go back to where I bought it so they can help me out. I called Boost Mobile and explained the situation, and they told me to take it back to Walmart to be activated.

I take the card and receipt to Walmart, and explain the entire situation. They tell me that they cannot refund it, and that I would have to pay for it again to be activated. I call Boost Mobile, and they said that there was nothing that they can do. I still have the card and receipt.

I think it's *** that neither party will activate it, and expect me to pay for it again. I will no longer be using Boost Mobile.


Did you ever get this resovled?


You do know that they might need to swipe the card to activate it, right? They also need the card so that they can scan it.

I don't see why you didn't have the card with you. You feel like they were treating you that way because you are that way.


I can't even tell what this review is trying to say. Punctuation and grammar are very important to effectively communicate (more English better speak).


No card no refund! Sounds like you are trying to scam them to me.

Listen up...You have to have the receipt AND the item that you bought! You can't just go in with a receipt and nothing else and expect them to refund you.

You have to have proof that you purchased the card and you can't do that by just showing them a receipt because there is NO card to match it to. Its a failed scam attempt and a *** one at that.