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Update by user Aug 23, 2013

August 23 2013


CNJP: 97.422.620/0018-07 Bompreco Bahia Supermercados LTDA

caixa 8 cashier: Joseivan

as has happened with him before Joseivan refuses to bad customers groceries

this as well as other location of bompreco/walmart Brazil do not hire/have grocery baggers (it is law in Brazil that supermarkets must have grocery baggers)

in absence of grocery baggers the cashier should do so

this employee as well as other cashiers do not do so

I called Marina the manager to come to the register. This time she was actually in the store. She didn't say much to the cashier and had a gocery bagger from another cashier come over to bag my groeceries

I told her that I had still not heard back from her to receive and apology from prejudice comments from cashier a few weeks back. the cashier was there today and I suggested we address the issue with her. Marina, manager said she would not address such issues with her employees in front of customers.

interesting management style --- bompreco/walmart rather be sued than address bad work ethics and disrespect to consumers with employees in front of coustomers!

20 days since my first post and walmart headquarters has not called or contacted me regarding ongoing issues!!!

Update by user Aug 03, 2013

today august 3 2013


same location

worse issue

of 15 possible chechout/ cashier

only 6 open at 4pm ish

on a Saturday at beginning of month!!!

where all are buying groceries

left my cell at home

so couldn't call manager of shop that is never there

again no bagger

and cashier won't do it

Deborah --- "not her job duty"/ responsibility

wonder where Marina "the manager" is

I think she is a ghost

no one ever sees her

she is never there

as is the case for managers/ supervisors (heehee --- this doesn't excite in walmart brasil) --- or cashiers for that matter

yet walmart brasil/ bompreco/ sam's club keeps hiking there prices

and 0 service!!!!

Original review posted by user Aug 02, 2013

ongoing issue

Walmart has bought out most major supermarket chains in Brasil especially where I live in Salvador Bahia Brazil

walmart/bompreco (means good price --- but just the opposite --- jacked up prices!!!)

again today

at 4:20pm long lines, many cashiers not working

first friday of month

folks just got paid so grocary shopping prime time!!!

I was in "fast" lane not all cashiers active 35 minute wait

get to checkout and once again --- no grocery bagger (i waited for cashier to bag my groceries --- she didn't) told her it was not my job to do so

she said she does not do this

called next customer

told Sidnei situation once again --- he said nothing to cashier

told him to have manager (Marina) call me as soon as she got back into office --- now 7 hours later no call s o apparently Marina clocks in

and goes who knows where

but does not manage store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

over the year this stress

loss of time

lack or respect

and prejudice

i would be granted in the millions by the courts!!!!!!!!!

i called bompreco Canela manager (store in Canela neighborhood, Salvador(city) bahia (state), Brazil (country)legal Brasil license CNPJ:97.422.620/0018-07

she did not answer

ongoing that manager is never present or at store

person that answered her cell phone came to meet me at check out his name is Sidnei

I already have encountered him

his is an area supervisor

he came 5 mins later with 2 grocery baggers (it is a law in Brazil for supermarkets to have baggers at each register) bompreco does not have them because they don't want to invest in hiring more people

so in Brazil walmart/bompreco is breaking the law

so the manager Marina was not in store at prime time 16:10-16:50 (time I was there) on a post pay day Friday

as usual lines backed up

many registers not open (bompreco strategy to save money on hiring workers)

so who is running the shop

registers still not trained

my next step

i film everything when i go into walmart brasil/ bompreco

and sue!!!!

you are breaking many laws

i hope walmart headquarters USA

decides to call me

(U.S. citizen that lives in Brazil and by chance is an Industrial/Orgainizational Psychologist that clearly sees that walmart brasil needs to train its employees at all levels

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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mini bompreco is worse

expired products & food

endless line

13 cashiers only 2-3 open

CNPJ: 97.422.620/0002-31

no supervision

no manager

EVER!!!!!!!!!!! :(


walmart is the worst :(


Sounds like every other Walmart... Get in line. :roll