Atlanta, Georgia

Everyone who buys beer from Walmart, be on the look out for expired beer

Has happened to me the last 2 times i bought beer therr. Wonder why it taste like puke. See pic.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is NOT the expire is the made date. Beer confuses most people, it is the date it was packaged.


Really? I didn't know that.

Well thank you for telling me the difference. I appreciated.

Nice to have found the answer.


No, that is not correct date. That is the best by date.

After that expect your beer to start becoming flat. I wouldn't purchase it at that point. All beers are different. Look them up on internet.

This budlight he needs to go back to walmart. The guy above was incorrect young lady.


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I got for my birthday. The shells are pretty expense, so I can do a few rounds a day. It really sucks that walmart gets a .22 shell in and sell them all it to gun shows.

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