Harlan, Iowa
Not resolved

I bought busch light at walmart, know almost $2 cheaper at Fareway!!!! Ive sent many messages, guess what no reply!!!

I still have receipt and price!!!!!! Pissed off, you cant trust savings catcher, Walmart screws people, and will always check other store prices and shop there instead of trusting savings catcher!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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It is against federal law to price match or adjust the price on alcohol or tobacco. Walmart and their associates have no control over it. The only way the prices can ever be adjusted is if a state vendor comes into the store and does it personally


That is a stoopid complaint. Come back when you got one worth reading. Also, get a freekin life.


Walmart doesn't price match alcohol or tobacco, that's been their policy for years and years. I'm sure it's also in the terms and conditions when you signed up for the program but as we all know, customers don't read those. So in the future if you find beer cheaper somewhere else, go there