Bentonville, Arkansas
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I ordered a custom cake made with the colors white & gray for my wedding I get a disgusting looking cake the color of brown and gold with the detail that a child could do with thier fingers. All they offered was to remake a simple cake half the cost with no refund for my troubles in of driving an hr there twice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You definitely should have got the colors you asked for as that is definitely not white and grey. However, I don't think choosing Walmart to be your caked decorator for a WEDDING is really the best choice to begin with.

I mean, I understand wanting to save money but there's a reason why they say you get what you pay for. Even if you can't afford it, a wedding should be something to save up for...


A wedding cake from WALMART?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!!!!!! probably are getting married for what...the 3rd time. Bubba turns wrenches for his uncle.

3 step kids, one in the oven and Medicare and the ER for med services!!!! House 2 axles a hitch and steps up to the door with a camp covered rusted Ford for landscaping!!!


Wow. Those colors are really awful and not even close to white and gray.

Is the detail scratched in? How awful. The flowers are pretty but that's about the only nice thing i can say.

When I got married I lived in an area with no bakery near by other than Walmart so I chose to make my own wedding cake because I didn't trust them. I'm by no means professional but my cake turned out much better than that monstrosity.


Some people can be real jerks. Judging people, putting people down.

Talking *** about people you don't even know. GET A LIFE. You have nothing else better to do? Sounds to me like you should have been returned at birth :).

They messed up on her cake and they should replace it. Plain and simple.


Obviously your first mistake was buying a wedding cake from Wal-Mart. I'm sorry your cake was ruined though, everyone should have a wedding cake they're proud to display.


What did you expect, from a Walmart cake. Especially for your wedding!

What kind of ***, or cheap *** are you?

They're offering to make you a new one free of charge to make up for it! You're not only *** and cheap, but you're greedy too.


I'm sure the person expected what they asked for from Walmart that doesn't make them cheap maybe they're getting what they can afford if you would've read before you spoke you would have seen they did not offer to make another cake free of charge but only HALF off so no this person isn't cheap or greedy they expect to get what they order while being responsible with their money you also don't know what kind access they have to bakeries Walmart may have been an only option think b4 u judge


The fact that there was no major issue with the cake and they are demanding a cake for free shows that they are being cheap, unless they are mentally retarded why would they go to the same place that messed up their cake and demand they remake it for free. Just sounds to me like someone who cannot afford to buy their wedding cake, in fact they probably should be living at home with mommy until they can afford things.

The point they got what they paid for.

You pay one tenth of the price of a normal cake basically get that. Also Walmart does not specialize in wedding cakes, the specialize in birthday cakes mainly, or graduation cakes.


Um....there was a major issue with the wasn't what the customer ordered. Personally....I would have NEVER paid for the cake in the first place.

I am a professional cake decorator and have made hundreds of wedding cakes. There was way more work done on that cake than was necessary. First of all it is covered with fondant. The fondant was colored what ever that color is (looks like blue and gold to me).

Grey would have been much easier. The fondant that is gold looking wouldn't have needed to be colored at all either. I disagree that because it is Walmart you should expect poor standards. As a society we need to expect to get what we order and pay for to be exactly (or at least close to) what we ASK for!

So sorry that you got a cake that was not what you wanted. The definitely should have given you money back. Having another cake made kind of defeated the purpose.

Wedding cakes can't be "remade". Some moments you can never get back!


U r a *** **** U don't know anything about that person but yet u r judging them.


They bought a cake from one of the cheapest place they get, complain about quality, what do you expect for a $10 wedding cake?


You're right, it's ugly. No grey or white.

Sometimes WAl-Mart works, sometimes not. One time I got a gorgeous cake for a small affair. I decided to go back for a much larger affair. Same decorator, second cake sucked bad, I was embarrassed...

Like you were ... Except for you it's your wedding day. It's worse!

Hope the rest of the day went well for you! Congrats!


Well, that's what you get for buying a wedding cake at Walmart!


Besides this person is greedy, they offered a solution and he wants even more than what was offered.


Please don't respond back to him. PLEASE it's attack.


It is not an attack it is the truth, do you see anything wrong with the cake psycho stalker? You are a hypocrite, you tell others not to reply and respond but that is exactly what you do.

I take it you made a foolish complaint and your feelings are hurt because I told you off. You don't even have the guts to reveal your real name, you just go under anonymous.


So what foolish complaint did you write when I told you the truth, which in your own words was attacking you.


Your cake does not look that, bad you are just seeking freebies. Cancel your wedding, then get a job so you can afford to pay for your cake without lying about it looking brown and gold. Or get your eyes tested because that clearly is not brown.


You r a dumb@## Kevin. That cake is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!

My dead, paraplegic grandmother could've made better. Some people cannot afford more then a Walmart cake so shut your piehole.


That cake is fine, and I wonder if the OP is even old enough to be married anyway.