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To update, Walmart customer service did call me back, but only to defend the sales lady's actions. I made him admit that their policy did not work as intended, but like a blind sheep he had to defend policy over common sense.

I told him it was an example of how policy making in large companies often are done by powerful but ignorant people just so they can say they are doing something, even if it is not working. We bought that gun from a friend so it is not registered, another backfire on their ineffective efforts to support gun registration. To date I estimate Walmart and Sam's has lost around $2,500 to Academy, Costco, Walgreen's and other stores that we are now shopping instead of Stupidmart.

It will amount to 10's of thousands each year. This is the only way I know to get their attention.

Original review posted by user Jun 06, 2013

After I bought an AR 15 rifle my wife decided she liked it and would buy herself one today at the Walmart in Oxford Alabama. We were shopping separately to save time and had agreed to meet at the guns when we finished our list.

I arrived first and inquired about what is available. They had the gun we were looking for, so I said my wife will be here in a minute. She wants to buy this gun. The sales lady basically called me a liar saying that my wife could not buy the gun because I looked at it first, therefore it would be a straw purchase.

The irony is that I could have bought it and given it to my wife and it would have been a straw purchase of sorts, although gun ownership between married couples is not really a straw purchase. A straw purchase is when a legal purchaser buys a gun for someone who cannot legally buy one. A quick NICS instant background check would have proved that either of us can legally buy the gun. We were just wanting to have it registered in the name of the one who would be responsible for the gun.

We both have Consealed carry permits, have attended gun safety coursed by our local Sherriff's department and are both law abiding citizens with no criminal history.

It was so disturbing to be accused of committing a criminal act, and refused service based on this sales lady's self proclaimed mind-reading abilities. They lost a $1000 sale today and a life-long customer who spent tens of thousands of dollars at Walmart and SAMs each year.

  • Walmart called me a criminal
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We buy all our guns and ammo from academy or through gun shows or sale by owner never have had any problems. My brother and his wife did the same thing you and your wife did at walmart and they did not experience the same problems, which leads me to believe some employees are on power trips.

Just like when I had coupons for a purchase I made and forgot to give them to the cashier I had already paid and was placing my bags in the cart when I remembered them I told her I forgot to give her my coupons and she said I would have to use them the next time I was in the store..huh? I said no I won't I'll just return the items and repurchase them she said you can't do that....guess what I got a manager and explained to him the situation and he walked over to the psycho cashiers register and gave me the cash in exchange for the coupons no wait in the customer service line no return and repurchase just simple key in of the coupons and ta-da money for the coupons.

The manager did confirm that I could have returned them and repurchased but none of that was necessary when the cashier knows how to key in the coupons after the purchase...another example of ignorant walmart cashiers. :p


Lord Help Me I'd like to answer your question. I just need one rifle and my wife needs one.

You have believed all the media hype about the AR 15's. I changed over to the lower caliber 223 cartridge and AR 15 because it is less powerful, more accurate, doesn't kick as bad as all my other deer rifles and makes less noise. I live on a farm and our deer population is being decimated by coyotes. I used to lug around a heavy, delicate 30-30 which will blow a 10" hole out the back side of a coyote.

The 223 kills without mutilating. AR stands for Armalite Rifle, with the key word being light. The gun is mostly :) :) stamped metal, can be hauled around on a tractor, truck, or 4 wheeler without the delicate treatment deer rifles require. I can hit a target at 300 yards with those cool military iron sight.

Even if it falls out of the truck it won't hurt it. It is truly the greatest sport rifle made. Light, easy to aim, can handle tough farm work, and there is no need to take a box of ammo with you. 30 rounds is enough for a full days worth of coyotes, snakes, armadillos and some target shooting, The press made up the term Assault Rifle.

I am truly sorry some psychos have made this gun famous, and Gun control threats have boosted sales, but it is what I need. If you break into my home I will be shooting you with a 12 gauge shotgun. I hunt squirrels (for food) with a 22 pistol, quail with 12 gage birdshot, deer with my AR 15.

Every gun is a tool that we need and use. Nothing evil going on out here in the country.


guns are tools, just like using a competitive bow to hunt bow, one requires more finesse than the other. i always asked my self how come no one uses bows, and i dont mean flimsy ones but strong competition level bows with steel tipped arrows to massacre people?

guess not every skillful archer wants to kill a whole populated area.

also martial arts are the same, seeing a guy punch a pile of bricks into dust makes me think what he can do with a chest cavity!! :?


Anniston: The only evil thing going on this site are the professional repliers to your complaint. These people respond to every poster and call them down without any sound reasoning or justification.

You don't need to reply back to these nut jobs.

They will only criticize your posting anyway.

Instead, enjoy your purchases and steer clear of these opinionated, ignorant yankee as.sholes!!! They will just keep trying to bait you.


You are so right. Instead of helping me deal with poor customer service they make ignorant, uninformed judgements about the validity of my purchase attempt.


Lord help me, how many dang AR15 ASSAULT rifles do you need. Its bad enough you have 1 but you want more.

Those things are only used for evil things.

They are certainly not meant for hunting or personal protection, thats why they are called assault rifles. SMH

@Lord help me

I agree with Lord help me.