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I placed an order on for a toddler bicycle that was shown as "IN STOCK" and ready to pickup "AS EARLY AS TODAY"; therefore, I expected to be able to pick up the bike the next day. Unfortunately, I received an email today, a day before my son's birthday (the bike is my son's only birthday present from my wife and I) stating the order had been CANCELLED.

The good news was, another order was issued for our bike. The bad news is, it would not be ready for pick up in their store until 2 weeks from now. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I have submitted requests via email to WMT asking for them to call me tomorrow to let me know where I can pickup this bike.

My son is going to be heart-broken tomorrow when I have to tell him his present will not arrive for another two weeks. I really hope Wal-Mart resolves this issue for us tomorrow, or else I am going to have one unhappy 2 year old on my hands.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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shown as "IN STOCK" and ready to pickup "AS EARLY AS TODAY"

This seems like a common practice for orders. "Get you to want it, pay for it, then wait for it."

Contact your attorney general about fraudulent advertising.

They said available for today.

They can not advertise what is not true. There are fines for this.


Awww. This is so sad!

Good job teaching your child that all that matters in life are material goods. He should be told that he needs to appreciate having food to eat, electricity, water, etc. He should appreciate having loved ones.

You have forgotten what really matters. Wally World didn't fail you, they did you a favor!

Findlay, Ohio, United States #824127

Maybe you should start shopping more than two days before your loved ones birthday.

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