Placed an order for a Blackfriday deal on Walmart.com.

That showed up as in Processing status for the last 6-7 days. Suddenly today morning the order is now in cancelled status.

Called up the Customer service (seems the word service means something else for Walmart) who put me on hold for more than an hour and finally gave an answer the order was cancelled and they cannot do anything for it. If you want the product go get it for the current price. Real cheating- had they not put it no processing status i could have placed a new order.

But for that they claim it would have been a problem with their website. Then my question is why are you trying to do business without even a functioal website....Real pity one you

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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The exact same thing just happened to me because they ran out and don't know when they'll get them back in stock. I asked her if they hit end of life (Philips HTS3541/F7 5.1 Ch Home Theater System) and she told me no they will be getting it back in stock, so I asked her to just keep my order until they get it back in and I'll just give a late gift, she refused saying "I'm sorry but we can't hold your order for that long...I'm sorry but orders that were placed between November 28th and December 6th will not be given a price match.

You'll have to order something else and pay the full price" isn't this fraudulent?! this has to be some mix of "false advertising" and "bait and switch"...now that I missed out on a "good" deal for a Christmas present AND they waited until ALL the deals are over, I'm f'ed to get a good gift at a good price.


Yep....same thing for the same exact item just happened to me too. PISSED!!

Yet....if you go to the website, you can order one at full price right now. So much for being "out of stock", right?? I agree...that should NOT be allowed to happen and should be illegal. They did give me a $20.00 Wal Mart gift card for the "inconvenience" at least.

Tell everyone that this happened to to call and get theirs also. At least make them feel some pain from not doing the right thing and honoring their sale.