Old Town, Maine
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I shopped online on Cyber Monday for the "hottest" toys at Walmart.com. I ordered the KREO Optimus Prime.

In the shopping cart and at checkout, Walmart.com assures customers of their flexibility and that they have 14 days to pick up their order. Plenty of time, right? NOT!! After 1 day, I recieve an email stating that I did not pick up my item and the order is cancelled!

Now I am worried about all the other ship to store items that I ordered as well!

DO I have to drop everything and run to Walmart the moment they tell my that my order has arrived??? I am VERY upset at this lack of customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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James you're an ***, the poster clearly stated the item was in only waiting for 1 day. Secondly, the item was already paid for as all items ordered online are prepaid by credit card. You'd know this if went out, got a job, obtained credit, and did anything outside of being an ignorant internet troll.


Can you count? 14 days is 14 days. How long do you think they should hold merchandise away from other paying consumer.