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I have never--"never"--had a WalMart battery outlast it's warranty period. They ALWAYS fail before the warranty expires. Some might consider this an advantage because you get a free replacement. The problem is that most people, like me, lose their receipts. WalMart will not honor their warranty. They even print the date of manufacture on the battery. But if you don't have a receipt, even if the battery fails before the date of manufacture, WalMart won't honor it's commitment.

So, I am done buying WalMart batteries. I took my expired battery to the WalMart in Grand Junction, Colorado tonight, March 6, 2009. The battery was clearly dead. The date of manufacture was less than three years ago. But WalMart would not replace the battery.

I put my battery back in my shopping cart, and determined to never buy another battery again from WalMart.

By the way, they do the same thing with tires. They change the brand of tires every couple years, so when your tire wears out, they don't have an equivalent replacement. I wound up paying extra to "upgrade" my worn tires, because they no longer carry my originally purchased tire brand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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I love reading all these post. Y'all are just hilarious.

You know the reason walmart stopped doing multiple replacements? They were losing money. People would come in right before the warranty was up and replace the battery and walmart would do it, multiple time is fact. Until the company that supplies the batteries stopped paying for the replacements and walmart had to swallow the cost.

That is the real reason warranties are such a problem at Wally. But hey if you don't like it just stop buying the batteries at walmart. No one is forcing you to.

Also just so you know batteries at walmart have serial numbers so the system can keep track of the purchase date and any replacement that has taken place later.If it fails In The first three months it will be replaced without an override after that it's best to go back to the store you purchased it from. they can look up your receipt if you lost it and verify it has been replace already.


Walmart in Fairfield, Ca..

Bought a Everlast Group 75n 3year free replacement battery 17months ago. 6mos after purchasing the battery went bad.

Went to get the replacement and was vigerously hassled about contacting the manufacture of the battery. After an hour of arguing they gave in and replaced the battery and told me they would not do it again. So today-14 mos later- the battery goes bad again and won't hold a charge.

I go in with my receipts and they tell me I have to contact Everlast and I will have to ship the battery at my cost. Walmart CSM tells me that their policy states they will only replace the battery once then I'm on my own.

I ask to see the policy. First she refuses but I think she got a clue I wasn't going to just walk away. She spends 20minutes looking it up online but to no avail. She then walks away and I stand there for 10 minutes.

I then ask the Customer Service Person who initially helped me and she said there was noting they could do. I asked about the manager and she tells me she went in lunch. WTF??!?!??

I call 1800-Walmart and ask them about the policy and Roxy with Walmart Customer Care says Walmart does not have such a policy and will honor the 3 Year Free Replacement Warrantee as long as the purchase was within that timeline and will honor it as many times as necessary up until the 3years. I tell Roxy the CSM stated this was their policy and refuses to replace the battery.

Then I tell her that the CSM that was helping me just walked away without a word and now she is in lunch. Roxy calls the store and contacts a Salaried Manager Dave. (Which Makes a Huge Difference) But they send over another CSM manager. This time she asks the cashier who helped me initially and is told the whole story all over again.

The CSM starts to walk away and while she is walking away says in the air, "Were not taking that battery, you already used the warrantee once and that's it." At this point I'm ready to throw batteries but I hold my composure. I call Walmart Customer Care and explain what just took place, that I have spent almost an hour here and now no one is willing to help me. I'm placed in hold and a short time later a manager shows up asking questions. He begins to tell me about their policy and abruptly stop him and say it is not policy I have spoken to walmart corporate and what you are stating is false and not true.

He scans the battery, looks at my receipt, uses his key to unlock something in the register and wallah! I get my new battery. But not without attitude from the cashier who hands me a paper to sign. I sign it and hand her pen and paper.

She snatches the pen and paper from me and rolls her eyes.

I will never ever buy another battery from Walmart. And I will tell everyone about my experience and spread this news like a mold.


Did you have your alternator checked? Most car batteries are manufactured to the same standards.

A defective alternator will either over charge or under charge the battery, resulting in early failure.

Are the terminal connections clean and properly tightened?

Loose, corroded connections can also cause early battery failure as will frequent full discharges and recharges.

Try buying the best rated OEM battery you can afford and see if it fails the same as the much cheaper Walmart battery.

I'm going to Walmart today to buy my 3rd in the last 3 years and I've had no problems to date with the first one now out of warranty.


today is 7.10.2014

Twin MAXX-65N batteries dead in ford excursion diesel. They were installed on 10.08.2012.

Those batteries were installed to replace the defective Walmart MAXX-65N batteries originally purchased & installed on 2.11.2010.

so the batteries aren't even lasting the full 3 year free replacement. Only reason i'm going back is because i expect them to make good on their warranty otherwise i would have to spend couple hundred at Battery Warehouse which is where i will buy them once Walmart stops replacing them for free.

This is a mistake that i have learned from and hope this helps others.

Only thing i buy at Walmart these days is the DEF Blue for our MD bluetecs diesel cars.


To reiterate, WalMart sells *** car batteries. How *** are they?

They are so *** pigeons fly away from thinking they already hit that spot. They are so *** you can use them as a fly decoy to draw flies away from an outhouse. They are so *** Barak Obaba gets some his speech material from the label. They are so *** they make you fill the cells with Ammodium AD before the landfill will accept them.

They are so *** it takes an entire roll of Charmn to clean your hands after installing one.

They are so *** you can run your car from the methane gas they emit. I'm telling you, these are *** batteries!!


Walmart use to have good batteries. Had one go bad in less than a year.

got it replaced no problem. I knew it was bad with hydrometer test, the new one was not reading for draw on gauge, voltage was good, hydrometer was only 25%, put it on a regular charge, it still would not properly hold a charge and still had only 25% hydrometer reading. I am now on my 3rd battery from walmart in less than a year. This one seems like a 50-50 deal and is only one day old still need to run it more its like 75% charge with hydrometer.

Not sure whats up with wamart batteries anymore.

Guess you can get bad ones. hope this turns out ok.


i buy mine at farm & fleet every year so far. I think that is good.

because it is a dodge nightro. the dealer ship to me there people with dodge use lot more than me


I live near Cleveland. I had a car that I junked 1 year ago.

I took the battery out because it was only 10 months old, and saved it. Today is June 9th and the battery in my car just died. I tried to put the old one in it that I saved from my car that was junked. It was an everstart from walmart.

It wouldn't take a charge because it was fried from sitting for a year in my closet. Took it to Walmart this morning with no receipt and told them it says 3 year warranty on the side. It was only 2 years old. She scanned it and gave me a gift card for 96.88.

I went and got the same exact one and used the gift card. Walked out feeling very happy. I might add that this walmart does not have an automotive center to test batteries.

I will save the receipt that gave me and go get another new on after this winter. Why not....


I love this thread. It has added so much visibility on the search engines about Walmart car batteries. Every time I type Walmart car batteries, the Google search engine makes this thread more relavent and people who are looking for ratings or reviews on Walmart car batteries see this negative review about Walmart car batteries. Keep the thread going, guys. Soon, everyone will know that these Everlast and Everstart batteries are worthless.

For all you WalMart ringers out there, keep responding to my thread. I will reiterate that my life has gotten better since I replaced all the WalMart batteries in my cars with quality batteries.

You see, batteries have internal grids between which ions travel from a stronger metal to a weaker metal. They are sort of like flat lead waffles standing vertical inside the battery case. When those grids in the battery break down, or melt, the battery will no longer maintain a charge. Cheap batteries use less metal in the grids leaving them very flimsy and vulnerable to damage by vibration or deep discharge. The life expectancy of the battery is determined by the structure of those grids. Walmart has batteries manufactured with very week structures. So, they don't last very long. I don't know how many of you were ever stranded on a cold winter night with a failed WalMart battery, but it's happened to me a few times. It's just not worth saving $20 bucks to have this time bomb under your hood. Don't buy batteries from WalMart


i had a everstart that lasted 2.5 years . walmart replaced it with no reciept.

the new one lasted 6 months. again they replaced with no reciept. and they gave me another one today to replace that one .. no reciept.

id rather just buy another brand but they wont refund. just replace.


walmart everstart batteries were one of the best batteries you could buy,top rated that is,until 2009. in 2009 walmart changed the battery company who made everstart batteries.

they went from a company that made excellent batteries to a cheapo company that makes cheapo.

go with a bosch or a duralast. of course at $230 a sears platinum is the best now


Motorcycle batteries at WalMart have no warranty. None. Zippo. Zilch. Me and the WalMart guy read through all the documentation in the box, and could find no evidence. They offer the Wells Fargo warranty (when the check clears Wells Fargo, the warranty us up).

I have a Suzuki cruiser, and went through (3), count'em THREE, batteries one season. I kept taking 'em back to WalMart. The warranty used to be 1 year. Then, it was 30 days. Now, it is none.

At Batteries Plus, they give you 2 year, full exchange on motorcycle batteries. They cost a little more. But, they don't fail either. (funny, huh). And no, I am not a shill for Batteries Plus.


i am a ase certified master tech and a car was towed in with a dead battery i charged it for about 20 hours at 6 amps and did a load test on it the battery passed so i did a hydrometer test to check the state of individual cells and found one was completely dead so the customer went to exchange it a t walmart and they gave her a printout that said the battery was good and produced 890cca and it was only a 720cca battery! so i took it down for her to get it exchanged thinking i could talk some sense into the lube guys and they immidiately got irate when i asked how there machine worked told me they wouldnt exchange the battery i brought the hydrometer along to show them and they wouldnt even look. moral of the story never ever buy these batteries if your walmart has a tire/lube shop build in


P.S. I have a Meijer (Like Walmart but better in the MidWest) Battery in my other car.

It was week from the time I bought it. I took it in for an exchange a year later.

Meijer gave me full replacement and a new battery. New battery is almost 2 years old now and no problems.


Jessica, It is not about if Walmart is better or not, it is about them doing what they said they would do. If they hae a 2 or three year warranty, they should honor it.

It seems Walmart is the master of dodge the claim. Thats OK though, because in the long run it will turn them into another K-Mart, a dinosaur that no one will shop at any longer.

I was on this website because I searched Walmart Battery Warranty to see if my 23 month old battery is covered since it is junk. I'm going in, cover me.


i havent had my battery for 3 months yet and have to jump it every other day


Mike, do I understand correctly that your battery died within the warranty period, and Walmart would have given you a free replacement battery if you would have had your receipt? But since you didn't have a receipt, they refused to use the manufacturer date on the battery and instead gave you nothing?

I'm currently shopping for car batteries, and I find the number of people who have experienced problems with Walmart warranties disturbing. I noticed that Walmart no longer offers an extended pro-rated warranty after the initial term, and in fact no longer states the expected battery life.

So when comparing prices between stores I have no way of knowing if a Walmart battery is rated at 60 months or 96 months. All I know is it has a supposed 24-month free replacement period -- after that, I guess I'm on my own.


I purchased a Walmart battery in Oct. 2008 warranted for 36 months.

In April 2010 it died. I took it back to the store & after discussions with 3 employees, they finally pro-rated it. In Oct. 2010 this battery died.

I took it back & after spending an hour & a half inthe store they finally told me they could not pro-rate this battery because the computer would not let them.

I asked for the manager & was told the same thing. I will never purchase another battery or probably anything else in a Walmart.


I had a motorcycle battery fail in 2 weeks, and even with my reciept they still tried to deny me a refund. Only after arguing with manager for 15 minutes did he finally give me a refund. What a bunch of jerks!!


The blog lives on!!! Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy buying cheap stuff at WalMart. Just not car batteries.