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Bought care plan for my lawn mower and it broke. I called the care plan, they want me to ship the broken lawn mower??? I think that's just ridiculous.I just hate they not telling you the truth or hide when they talk you into getting the care plan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Consumers need to look at what they are buying. When you purchased the care plan you would have been given paperwork that spelled out exactly what it would do for you.

If only people would take the time to read it before they paid for it there would be no surprises. It will be there in print that you have to ship them the product.

Obviously this isn't reasonable on a lawn mower and you shouldn't have bought it. You have only yourself to blame for not understanding what you were buying.

to Anonymous #1504453

Are you their relatives or working for them? Yes, I will NEVER buy any appliances there.

It was my bad listening to lies. Plus, no paperwork given at the time. They hide things when they talk you into buying the care plan because they knew customers will fall in the trap.

They just care about collecting money. The prepaid service is a LIE!

to Anonymous #1504743

You do realize that Anyone can reply to your post, correct?So That means someone who Is Not a relative or an employee of Walmart can reply to your post.

to Anonymous #1504803

I have a feeling that the poster is nine years old or retarded. Why else would they ASSume that this person works for the company or has a relative that works for the company.

to Anonymous #1504802

Only a child would ASSume that if a person tells the customer that they are wrong, that they, or someone they know works for the company. Grow up.

Just because someone tells you that you are wrong does not mean they work for them. Mommy needs to take away your internet and give you a good slap across the face.

to Anonymous #1504806

If you are lying about anonymous working at Walmart, how do we know that you are not lying about not getting any of the paperwork, or anything else that you stated. The fact that you make false accusations against people shows that your parents did not raise you right. Shame on them.

to Anonymous #1504807

You can tell from that ASSumption that you have relatives working for Walmart that this person cannot read. Perhaps because they are nine years old or because they are mentally retarded.

Next time he goes anywhere he should take someone literate to the store to help him read and understand policies. This someone could be his mommy or anyone else.

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