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Purchased a Black Friday Sale TV and the manager talked me into getting the Walmart Care Plan stating the purchase was over $150 and the plan would repair or replace the tv for 3yrs if anything happened to it.

Well that was December, In August the tv no longer turned on.

Grateful I bought the warranty plan, I contacted Asurion (Walmart's Care Plan Provider). They refused to repair or replace the tv, stating they could not offer a comparable tv for the purchased price. They said they would only provide a reimbursement. I can not purchase another 50" tv for the Black Friday $$!

I called the local Walmart who after 5 people said to bring it in and they would exchange it. Brought tv into store and found the exact tv on shelf - same upc. When got to customer service, manager stated he could not give it to me for the same price- I would have to pay an extra $200. What!

He said even though it is the same tv and same UPC, it is no longer on sale as it was on sale for Xmas only. Walmart and their Care Plan scammed me on this one.

Usually I have great service with Walmart, but this is a crock of BS. Never buy the Care Plan!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Comparable 50" Tv..

Walmart Cons: Warranty, Care plan, Customer service.

  • Warranty scam
  • Emerson 50 Inch Lcd Tv
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got protection plan on my tv not happy with consumer electronics have had tv for 2 weeks said it would be 2 or 3 days also called them last Tuesday the 20 consumer said it would call within 24 to 48 hours to bring tv back here it is Monday the 26 have not heard anything


yes i buy a sound bar and I got the Walmart care plan but every time I call they give me the run around with a lot of other person and phone and they all said they can not help so what this the care plane if they do not help you Walmart care plan is a fraud they do not help i do not know why they ask you if you want it it does not work so you are shut out of luckRoberto call they give the run around and do not the


I'm having a problem with them paying me.


Not sure if he was really lied to.When you insure a product - you pay for the insurance based on its price(for this guy, the black Friday price). Cough up more money and you insure a higher price.He was offered money but he refused it.I understand that the exchange didn't happen but this is a bestbuy thing - not a Walmart thing(Walmart has Asurion, a third party insurance agent). I'd be taking the money and just find another TV the next Black Friday.


I just recently got the careplan also and they have lied and lied to me day in and day out. So walmart's careplan does suck and the customer service treated me with no respect never again will i get walmarts careless plan


Walmart cares about keeping the Waltons in lots of money. Alice has to go purchase things for her museum you know!!!!


If you're in management, help this guy.


My friend, you need to kick up a serious fuss. A couple well placed calls to the boss or the boss's boss will get your money back.

If you let them bamboozle you, you get diddly. I hate being an *** but I hate losing money more. Be an *** if you have to be, just maintain your language at an acceptable level and stay calm. Simply do not take no for an answer.

If they tell you no, ask for their boss. They will probably claim he's not there, insist on seeing whoever is higher than that person. If you still get no, get names and phone numbers. Use them but also look up corporate complaints yourself.

Be a nuisance until they fix it. They will do what you ask to get you off their back.


You are on!

I recently bought a tablet; and also purchased their careplan; after asking several times if they would exchange it for another one in Store; I got yes for an answer. But like always there is a catch; but I did what you said; got another tablet and a refund for the care plan.


Type your message here Wrong been there done that. You lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of story. Get the money


Yeah well I just bought an Emerson 32" tv w/ DVD installed but can't get the site to log me in to activate the warranty, I guess I need a confirmation code that they will send me but not yet, Homer (after 2 days) LOL ???


I received a Element 32 inch TV for Christmas. I have and am still trying to check on my warranty.

I texted the code on the bottom of my receipt. I called and all I got was recordings.

I still do not not if my warranty is complete. Please help!!!


You have to register the warranty within so many days of purchase.


This employee was miss informed or didn't know the policy. I'm a front end zone supervisor. They do the exchange or return for what ever you paid for.


If the product is 1 year old and you have a care plan - can you just go to the store and get reimbursed if it was completely broken?