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Walmart has on their website a fantastic offer to setup credit card and set $20 cash back. They have the procedure to setup such that it is impossible to get the $20.

If you read the fine print, you only get the $20 back if you make $100 (or more) purchase when you open the credit card. The problem is that NOONE gets the credit card immediately and when you do get it. Walmart Credit Card Services will then accidentally & incorrectly tell that you will still get it if you make another purchase of $100 (or more). All along the way, every representative promised I would get my cash back no problem.

Finally when you actually call them to get your $20 credit on your statement, the first representative will refer you to the supervisor and she will give you what you missed in the fine print (only applicable if you make purchases on the day you open the credit card). The fact is that you can only get it if they give you a temp credit card number when you apply.

The fact is that noone is given a temp credit card. My credit rating is off the charts (own multiple homes outright and 6 figure salary) and I did not get temp credit card.

Nor was there any mention that I would Not get my $20 or Qualify for when I applied.

It's one of those too good to be true scams. But you would not think it come from a reputable retailer giant like Walmart.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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