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Cashier said Walmart does not take internet coupons and hasn't in months. I told her that was incorrect and I had a copy of the Walmart policy stating they did take internet coupons.

She just looked at me and said nothing. I asked to speak to a manager and she turned on her flashing light and just stood there. After waiting for 15minutes and no response from a manager and the cashier would not call anyone over the speaker phone or go find a manager. She ignored me everytime I asked why no one was coming or why she wouldn't get someone.

Finally I had to leave to go to work and told her to just take the products off and give me back my internet coupons. She just looked at me ugly and said nothing. I called the manager on my way to work and reported what happened and agreed Walmart does take internet coupons and promised to call me back after he spoke with the cashier.

I nver received a phone call back. This is not the first time I have had problems at this store in Duncanville, Tx.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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If internet coupons do not scan or appear to be fake, Walmart is not allowed to accept them and cashiers are required to call their managers over if the customer has a complaint about it.


Ok, what's up with this part? A cashier, who I never get a long with unfortunatly, has done 2 things wrong since she's started working their. Ok, more than 2 things actually, but lets just get to the point.

1. Scanned her Mom and Sister in the same line more than 1 time during her working time.

2. She is also very slow at bagging and scanning and also everytime I walk or my bf walks by her she gives us an evil look and laughs, which isn't right at all.

Only questions are:

1. Why does she do this, is it because she is jealous and if so shouldn't she be coached on cashier behavior, no matter what the circumstance and,

2. Why isn't she being fired after so many time of scanning family members while she is a cashier, when from the start of orientation they tell you that you CANNOT do that at all?

These, I would like to know the answers too or suggestions from anyone, please! Ty.


Actually TheBadServiceWarrior I think you would try to use coupons expired two months ago. If they did not accept them you would tell them what a big shot your husband is. Just like you used his job to get a patio set on promotion which was over with days ago.


Me trying to use a coupon from two months ago?? Those coupons you are referring to that the cashier refused to allow me to use at first, was from only a couple of days prior, not two months prior.

I already explained about the missed newspapers which caused the coupon mix up in the first place. I would never try to use coupons that expired months ago.

Get real. I didn't even realize those coupons I was trying to use that day were expired in the first place.


Woah i can't believe all the bad attitude from the walmart cashiers, and why? As far as the internet coupons they are easily duplicated so the store may refuse to take them if they were reported to be fraudulent or coppied.

Usually with the copy is poor or you have a handful of them that is an indication. Also read your coupons carefully and make sure you have the right product and quantity.


I would call their corporate office. I will never step foot in that Walmart again!

This has the worst customer service and management I have ever seen in my life I was actually threatened by one of the cashiers while using coupons. Through the order she kept asking me how many I had of each item when I told her she would come around and check the basket. I asked her to *** 2 items at the end and she lost it! Saying she and I were gonna have a problem, puffing out her chest and glaring at me.

More took place and she said more rude comments but it’s to long to go into on here. Her name is Geselda,Gesella or something like that . She is African American and is about 40 years old. I have NEVER been treated like that anywhere at any store in my life!

She should have been fired on the spot. But the woman manager that was there that day acted like she had her head in the clouds. When she was called over I asked her if she was going to allow her cashier to speak to the customers like that and the manager replied "I don’t know what she did I didn’t see anything" What? I just told you what she did!

The cashier was still rolling her eyes and making rude comments about me to the other customers in line while the manager was standing right there! I should have called the police on her and pressed charges this was no laughing matter I was scared for my life .I have contacted the corporate office and I am now waiting for someone to call me back.

This woman should not be allowed to work with the public ever! I wanted to make everyone aware of this store and this cashier since im sure she treats other customer’s the same


this henryjclark guy sounds like a complete ***. if I were you guys, I wouldn't even bother listening to him.

he talks like a little redneck kid or something. I have a hard time understanding his comments. as for MrsLea01, it looks like this *** is beginning to spread farther on this site. I'm waiting for her to complain about Target next because they didn't have a red carpet rolled out for her and free drinks when she entered the store.

and they decided not to honor her store ad from 2 months ago.

and they denied her coupon that she tried to use on shampoo that not only expired 6 months ago but it was also a coupon for a $1 off a box of cereal. and she'll tell them that her neighbor down the street is the second cousin of the second cousin of the president of the entire Target company.


In your own words you told the cashier. "I don't lay with no sunk." That to me is calling her a sunk.


jedi i said that i did not called her a sunk than in my frist interview i wrote but you can rest to sure she is a sunk now along with you


jedi i said that i did not called her a sunk than in my frist interview i wrote but you can rest to sure she is a sunk now along with you


MrsLea01 is right. These minors should NOT be working as cashiers. Minors should not be exposed to hazardous work conditions, such as when MrsLea01 checks out and begins harassing them and telling them that her husband is a janitor at Home Office.

Such jobs should be reserved for punishing ASSH0LE5 such as MrsLea01 who think that their $H1T don't stink.


Why not take this up with your husband since he is such a big shot at Walmart. Mrs. Lea.


OMG I don't know how some of these Walmart cashiers even get hired. Many are minors, who shouldn't even be working at such a job in the first place.


OMG I don't know how some of these Walmart cashiers even get hired. Many are minors, who shouldn't even be working at such a job in the first place.


You are a liar Henry Clark. In your review you said you never called her a sunk.

Now you are admitting to it. You were thrown out of the store because of your attitude and behavior.

Both your behavior and spelling makes me wonder. Are you eight years old?




lot of those people that work in these super markets are not train how to respect the custmer they will attemp to solicit a person if they are dress real and look to handle money and drive a luxury auto,that is what happen to me in the albertson's store here in baton rouge,la and i told that person that i do no lay with sunk or dog and she had me banned from shopping in the store after i have been shopping their for 12 years and she has only been working their 2 mos.henry i ve been banned from shopping at albertson's


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In some cases if the customer as as bad as the OP, the store would rather lost the customer than keep them. Besides the OP is not who she says.

For someone to have such a high ranked job she has poor spelling and grammar skills.

Who hires people with first grade spelling and grammar skills. Lying about that how do we know she is not some uneducated minimum waged person who lied because she really needed the items and could not afford them.


I work with the public and know first hand how demanding and sometimes shady to deal with. But at the same time I do feel that 15 mins is a long time to wait for a store to honor their own policy.

I take a very strong view to customer service and I think I would have been upset about having to wait for someone to do something they are already suppose to do. That is your job, it is why you are there to provide customer service.

And the mentality of "shop somewhere else you won't be missed" is why so many cashiers and customer service people display bad attitudes. Maybe we as customer service should strive to make our store the place love to shop.