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Cashier said Walmart does not take internet coupons and hasn't in months. I told her that was incorrect and I had a copy of the Walmart policy stating they did take internet coupons.

She just looked at me and said nothing. I asked to speak to a manager and she turned on her flashing light and just stood there. After waiting for 15minutes and no response from a manager and the cashier would not call anyone over the speaker phone or go find a manager. She ignored me everytime I asked why no one was coming or why she wouldn't get someone.

Finally I had to leave to go to work and told her to just take the products off and give me back my internet coupons. She just looked at me ugly and said nothing. I called the manager on my way to work and reported what happened and agreed Walmart does take internet coupons and promised to call me back after he spoke with the cashier.

I nver received a phone call back. This is not the first time I have had problems at this store in Duncanville, Tx.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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It is people that complain like you that should have to work withthe public at walmart for a few months. You couldnt ***, customers are rude, obnoxious and think they can make you do everything for them.

God forbid your credit card is declined or you ebt card doesnt have the amount of money on it you think it does. It is not the cashiers fault, it is your fault. We cant help it that you are a *** brain dead *** ant. Go shop somewhere else, trust me we wont miss you.

It is not our job to kiss you ace, besides that you head is stuck up there anyways. And these moronic idiots that buy crab legs and lobster tails and filet mignon and all that "Luxury Food" items with an ebt card needs to have that card revoked, there are poeple out there that need that program but cant get it because you and your entire family have been brought up thinking we all owe you something.


Trevor is right and after what EdJonesWalmartCorp said, it looks like we've got another *** guy.


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That's sick and *** especially since Ethan is like 12.


lol this alotoflove guy is *** I think he's in love with ethan and haha. one thing is for sure, he's in love with the term *** ant.

it's like he gets turned on just from calling someone that. so..

point of this topic is that cathy throws temper tantrums because she's one of those coupon obsessed women that go nuts if she doesn't get her way. and alotoflove is just a *** guy with alotofproblems.


You don't have to work for a company to stand up for it. Most of these complaints are by adults acting like eight year old's throwing temper tantrums because they can't get what they want and because they refuse to bend the rules for them.

Also Cathy thinks the world revolves around her that she thinks she is entitled to have the manager drop everything he is doing and call her right back.

For one thing alotoflove is lying, for someone who uses that username they sure have alotofhate. for me.


The j3rk store called...they're running out of you.


*** ants??? The *** store called...their running out of you!!!

This site is one of the few places where us retail folk and retaliate against the "precious" customer who can do no wrong and thinks that he or she has every right to walk all over the workers...People like the OP and alotoflove.

"Do you work here?" - What the *** do you think?

I'm wearing a *** i n g badge, walkie talkie, and hand-held computer. Where the h e l l do you think I work...Department of Highways?


You are the one that has the spelling skills of a first grader and you are threatening to tell my parents I am on the computer. What about you.

Do your parents know that you posted this complaint. ALso for someone to tell me to get an education you have very poor spelling and grammar skills.

Why don't you get an education. Not writing a review with proper spelling and grammar is not very professional.


Some of these people who post silly complaints such as this should be banned from going out in public.


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Cathy just ignore the *** ant.


And Jedi you don't understand what you read. I never said Walmart was short staffed and I don't need a *** ant like you to indulge me in such stupidity as to weither they are or are not.

Also apparently you think people post just for you, news *** ant, they don't. It is a place to inform people of unprofessional work ethics and practices. I didn't post my comment for just you but your a ME person, so it doesn't suprise me that you have to put your *** ant 2 cents in on everybodys comments. Your a ignorant bored little cuss aren't you?

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See you are throwing a temper tantrum right now. No wonder the cashier and manager did not want to help.

They would rather lose you as a customer than help you had have to deal with your temper tantrum again. You post a review expect people to reply and not always agree with you.


Jedi Ethan get over yourself, are you so perfect or do you just sit on your ___ on the computer all day, insulting people! Get a life, sorry I ever said anything on this site as it is not worth the insults from people like you!


Where is this Walmart located in duncanville?