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Cashier said Walmart does not take internet coupons and hasn't in months. I told her that was incorrect and I had a copy of the Walmart policy stating they did take internet coupons.

She just looked at me and said nothing. I asked to speak to a manager and she turned on her flashing light and just stood there. After waiting for 15minutes and no response from a manager and the cashier would not call anyone over the speaker phone or go find a manager. She ignored me everytime I asked why no one was coming or why she wouldn't get someone.

Finally I had to leave to go to work and told her to just take the products off and give me back my internet coupons. She just looked at me ugly and said nothing. I called the manager on my way to work and reported what happened and agreed Walmart does take internet coupons and promised to call me back after he spoke with the cashier.

I nver received a phone call back. This is not the first time I have had problems at this store in Duncanville, Tx.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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The reason they are short staffed is to keep prices low genius. That is also why they are overcrowded with customers. Also I don't take a person seriously if he cannot even spell urgency properly.


Cathy I can appreciate your complaints against Walmart. I refuse to shop there anymore.

My cashier did not have one's so she turned the light on and we waited and waited and waited for a manager. Finally after 15 minutes of waiting, she trys to page the manager. The manager never showed. After 18 minutes I asked her if she could just cancel the transaction and I will go to a cashier with money.

She said she couldn't. Finally a girl in another line who apparently works there but was shopping on her day off went and found the manager. The manager showed up with no sence of ergency, she did however apologize, but that was the least she could do and should do.

I just think Walmart should not be so full of themselves thinking they no longer have to make customers happy just because they have the market on cheaper prices. Truith is they do have that market and don't feel the need to keep repeat customers anymore.


This is the internet if the baby cannot handle personal attacks they should turn the computer off.


integrity315, shut up.


Okay. This is just turning into a personal attack. I think you guys might be going too far with that talk. Please don't be so. I'm not going to check this box "I wish to be contacted by email regarding additional comments" anymore.

Please everyone. Before you say such things, think about it.

Everyone have a nice day, including the one who posted this story.


That has got to be it, how can I forget this. I thought that *** herself on the streets would get her good money, but she is probably so ugly that only wino's would want to do her she probably makes ten cents a job. She is so high on drugs that she cannot even write her own name.


One more thing dummy, the flashing light is a single for the manager to come. It usually means that they need change, or in this case a customer is throwing a temper tantrum like some four year old whose mommy told him she would not buy him chocolate.


Ethan, she has to save as much money as she can so she'll have enough for her drugs. how did you forget that?

she was impatient because she was late for a drug deal. if she had spent the full amount for her products without the coupon, then she wouldn't have had enough for her drugs.


Well she is insulting the cashier by accusing her of lying when it could be she does not know the procedure. Just giving her a taste of her own medicine to show her what it feels like.

Who carries copies of store policies with them?

A childlike person such asCathy(who can't even spell her own name and she expects us to believe she has a good paying job.)


Who carries copies of store policies with them?


If the customer is going to behave like a child. Also it is obvious that Cathy is lying in some cases. Internet coupons cannot be used because they are easy to forge and most stores don't allow them. Instead of accepting the policy Cathy acts as if she is four years old.

You must really need to save a lot of money if you make a big issue over saving a few cents.

So what do you expect, her to ignore the others and cater to you. You must be four years old to think you are entitled to more attention than the other customers she has either that or your parents must have spoiled you and taught you that the world revolves around you.


I did not throw a temper tantrum. I waited patiently.

I wanted to get the products I had coupons for. Excuse me for a mispelling Jedi Ethan, it was late and I was tired.

So get over it,that's what you call nick picking. I happen to me an adminstrator of a surgery center who likes to save money.


What's wrong is that, "if" the customer "IS" upset. The associate immediately just ignores the customer. Now THAT, that is wrong.

You should at least get someone who can clear up the situation to help.


We don't know if she was throwing a temper tantrum. We don't know if the associate really didn't know or maybe if she was really lying. so Jedi Knight Ethan, I can understand where you're coming from. But I don't think you should be kind of... well, insulting her.

Regardless of the situation, if a customer is upset (or "throwing a temper tantrum" in your words) about a topic that both the associate and customer is unsure about.

It's still the associate's job to take care of a customer. What's so hard about calling a manager over to verify the situation?

And if the internet coupons could be used? well Great! now everyone in this situation knows. and if not? well awesome! now the customer will stop bringing over internet coupons.


Further more liar, companies don't have to accept coupons if they do not want to. It is their choice.


Also no offense but I think you are lying about having a job. Who would hire and adult who does not even know how to spell "never".

Who does not know that there is a space between 15 and minutes. That 15minutes is not one word?


So you waited 15 minutes to save a few dollars? Maybe she ignored you because you were throwing a temper tantrum.

When young children throw a temper tantrum they are ignored because they are doing it for attention. She did not lie she just did not know. Would you like it if I accused you of lying because you had misunderstanding. I am sure you gave people wrong information because you did not know the answer so should you be labeled as a liar?

Also just reading your review your attitude was probably not as good.

Frankly the manager is probably purposely not calling you back hoping if he does not call you back he does not have to deal with you. They would rather lose you as a customer than please you.