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I was working in a cashier position, three times this past month I nearly had a heat stroke. This has been going on for three summers .

They had ac in the mangers quarters ; (ie: customer service desk ) they had electric fans going. The only area cool was in the coolier and freezer areas . After nearly having the stroke I called the store mgr and Quit! I was told your one of my best cashiers, if that is all that is wrong (the heat) we can address it .

A crock!

I have been telling them for three years, it is hot .

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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some one just sounds like a *** fat ***. you bearly move as a checkout , how the *** can you be getting heat stroke from a job that tards can do?


Waaahh someone call a whhaambulance! :cry Dude, I worked as a nurse for years.

Try pushing med carts, bending, lifting, doing treatments...in rooms where the elderly had the HEAT blasting in the summer.

Seriously. Adapt.


So take a bottle of water at the register and drink it when you can. Most normal customers would not mind if it is just water.

It's not like you are drinking vodka.

The cashiers at the store go to are allowed water. I think by law they can't deny water at the register in this heat.

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I think if Sam Walton was alive now he wouldn't have allowed this to happen; and since the posting on the 7th I was told I did have a heat stroke. I am so sorry for the older workers having to work in that heat . I quit; maybe they will have to do that too.I will just retire :(


As a Walmart cashier, you would also have known that management doesn't control the ac. Corporate does that. My store is the same way.