Just left Wal Mart at 3100 Custer, Plano TX. Lovely sweet cashier.

Only problem store was busy and she was it. Vendors & inventory employees blocking whole isles and having to work around them. When leaving a large bald blue shirted assistant manager out in parking lot acting somewhat goofy. When I was backing out very very slowly he was walking around shaking his head.

I asked why he said I NEARLY RAN HIM OVER.

He needs to look at replay of outside cameras. This man was very rude and needs to be" written up" or better yet get a job he truly enjoys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Pedestrians have the right of way in parking lots and cross walks...no matter how slow you are going.


You need to be careful when you are driving, he has every right to be upset.