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My debit cards were stolen by some teens and used at walmart to purchase almost $800 worth of merchandise. The teens used the self checkout line at 3am, swiped my card as a credit to avoid needing a pin#, and no ID was needed or asked for.

Watching the tape, At one point a cashier helped the boy checkout the TV!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? the self checkout, though meant to help expedite your shopping trip, enables thieves in their mission to clear out your bank accounts! Is there no limit on how much you can purchase in a single swipe on a credit card in that lane?

Especially at 3am! I am very pissed that such a Corporate Giant such as Walmart can let this happen! All they have to do is have the kiosk notify the cashier of a credit purchase over $X to come over and check ID!

If that had been done, i wouldnt been missing my hard earned money! It would have been obvious to anyone that the 17 yr olds using my card were no a 30 yr old woman!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I have not yet been to a business where my ID was required for my credit or debit card. In fact, most credit card companies give their members the right to refuse showing their ID which makes checking for ID pointless.

Working as a retail cashier for another company, no customer ever asks, comments, or even shows their ID when making a credit or debit transaction, and we are not required to ask unless the POS system requires us to due to the customer's bank's requisition.

So say assuming you've been shopping at any other businesses, have they all asked for your ID? I'm truly curious because I have yet to encounter a business which has done so.

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"...notify the cashier of a credit purchase over $X to come over and check ID!"

1st off - That would be a nightmare to you as well since it would cause HUGE delays in the checkout lines, hence giving "customers" like you something else to complain about.

2nd - Retailers aren't required TO check id with a debit card.

3rd - Your "hard earned money"?

I've never heard of a consumer losing money when there are fraudulent charges...unless a very long time passed until you noticed your account was off - not Walmarts responsibility.

4th - Speaking of responsibility...where's your's in all this? How did "some teens" get hold of your card? Don't you keep it in a purse, wallet or other safe place? Or is that Walmart's fault too.

C' would be the first to complain if the checkout line was taking twice as long due to an I.D. check.


Well you are 30 years old as you state not 5 years old as you act, why not take responsibility for your own carelessness instead of blaming someone else. If you had been careful with your belongings this would never have happened. Grow up and blame the person who is really responsible.


I doubt Wal-Mart let you see the video. The police, yes.

In any case, had you set alerts on your card, you wouldn't be missing your hard earned money. Most people get upset when they're asked for ID. They dont realize it's for their own protection. Until something like this happens to them.

So, please be understanding when we cashiers ask for ID. You might thank us for it in the long run.


Walmart isn't the one who asks for id. The bank notifies the register if the cashier needs to ask for id.

The register then prompts the cashier to ask.

Your fault for not reporting it. Sounds to me more like your kid took and you are just mad.


Your fault for not reporting the theft immediately and for being careless with your card. Suppose it had been cash. No way that Walmart would know

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