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This Walmart is so convenient to my house but it is getting to be such a chore to get out of the store. There's always a minimum of atleast 4 ppl standing up front with one register open.

Last go round my cashier started ringing my order and finds he has no cash drawer...He asks mgr on front line he says OK. Now mind you he was already started on one drawer, then proceeds on opening other drawers with no customers in line...I'm waiting patiently for my change...After so long of watching this go on with girls bringing out cash drawers to other lines I'm thinking he forgot?? I felt bad for the cashier and everyone behind me as it was holiday time. With that said not majorly busy because I was there late.

I said Sir he needs a drawer...As he's on the phone he snaps at me nasty and says I said #8 didn't I? Ummm first off you're not managing very well when continuing to start other drawers when ppl were not even rung up yet..And how did I know what he was saying on the phone I wasn't looking at the # I was standing in. That was VERY RUDE. If I'd been impatient and pointed it out immediately OK, but I waited & waited.

This visit there were only huge bags so my food was being slammed & crammed in these big bags, once again ppl wandering up front I counted 7. Only the 15or less line was open. 4 girls were hovering a drawer and said she was opening another one. I waited because that happened on yet another visit and then they DIDNT open it.

All the bag turns all the way up had huge or very tiny bags. Lord knows what my food will look like when I take it out. Things are probably punctured. This store is going down badly it's a shame.

There's never any eggs but a few...What's going on Pasadena????

No wonder they can't keep help and the ones there always have a look like what do I do? The girl at the deli was very nice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If no registers had money, I have to ask what time of day you went in? The drawers are always empty at midnight for the reset.

After midnight, they only open one or two for the minute number of people who shop overnight.

At 7 AM, the registers are filled as cashiers come in to work. The self checkout is always opened.