Atlanta, Georgia
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Just went to Walmart today to purchase a simple wall plug in 12V dc power supply and Borax detergent, both on the Walmart Web page. The personal as always just looked at me with big eyes, telling me to order it only because they do not have it in store - as always!

Why the *** would I order online at always overpriced Walmart. I anyway order almost everything online, most of the time direct from China - for some pennies for sure. Only problem is the shipping to pay for. Walmart is the most *** store, nothing in Stock, what is in stock incredibly overpriced, personal not an idea how to help, and if you really find what you are looking for, count for at least 40 min at the cashier.

Out if 20 registers only one open. I now the situation in the US main land is better, but here in Puerto Rico it's just a pain in the assignment. Hey Walmart, why you don't take all you *** and get the *** out of here and without wasting time directly to ***. I will not even set another foot in you store, continue ordering from China, the same place where you get all the *** *** your selling from, just with a gain of approximately a 1000%.

Got to ***, *** yourself and eat ***.

Hope your *** company is going down as quickly as possible. Have a wonderful *** days you as as ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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