Chicago, Illinois
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I had a work emergency and it was about 5 am. My cashier Tamara was extremely snow.

I think she senced i was in a little hurry and it felt like that made it worse. I think she was trying to make me mad but i was extra nice.

I understand why shes on night shift. She had no customer service skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Your disappointment may have been more justified if you could properly speak and type English.


Also I found out she has mild down syndrome when I complained to the manager, why are they hiring retards? He apologized for her at first and defended her and told me that she is a good worker and he hung up on me after I called her a retard, which she basically is.

I said if she is really a retard she should not be on cash, and after a while when I refused to stop calling he a retard he hung up on me saying I have to be patient and treat them better. If I ever had a child with DS I would put them up for adoption. I feel sorry for any siblings she has and her parents having to put up with this retard.

I won't be shopping there until they fire her or put her in something more fitted to her line of work, greeting, cleaning washrooms. She will never amount to anything in life.


Do you know what is a shame. The way the moderators run this site.

The moderators really support bullying of the disabled. I told you off for the disgusting person that you were, and they banned me and deleted my comment, yet they allow your rude and nasty comment to remain. It is a shame that the moderators allow bullying of the disabled to go on and ban the ones that stand up for the disabled. This shows both their true colours as well as your true colours.

This site needs to be shut down as you have been bullying this person at her place of work for a year now, and the moderators are allowing you to continue. I won't back down. I will keep exposing this site for allowing you and your friends to bully the disabled, and for banning those that tell you off. They won't be able to silence me, I want everyone to know that this person who made the comment, her comment is uncalled for, yet when I told her she was wrong and being rude my comment was deleted and my account banned.

But they won't be able to silent me. I will not allow the moderators to allow members like you to bully people. She cannot help being the way she is, she was born that way. She did not choose to have down syndrome, you on the other hand chose to be ignorant, and I know that the moderators are your friends but if they are going to allow bullying and harassment on this site and not ban those that do the bullying and harassment, but ban people who stand up to them then I will not be quiet until everyone knows how unprofessional these moderators are.

Good day and good luck. Feel bad for your mother who knows that she gave birth to someone who is so judgmental. I admit I was harsh on you, and the moderators removed my comment because it hurt your feelings, and I am copying and pasting this so I don't need to spend time typing a reply to you again.

IF they are going to allow bullying and harassment on this site and not follow their own terms and conditions but ban those that tell the bullies off I will be posting this again and again until people see exactly how unprofessional this site is.


If I recall you are the retard that made fun of how I spelled slow, and you spelled color wrong, you are still spelling it wrong, it is spelled color, not colour. But yeah my friend is a moderator for the site and I know his password so I banned you.

His fault for giving making it easy to guess, his son's name and birth year. Ha ha ha. Besides like I said they should not hire slow people. I already knew she was slow and by slow I meant retarded, not as in lacking speed.

Then again you cannot even spell color right so you must be slow as in retarded as well. So I will say this again zack from Ontario canada, *** and leave me alone.

If I want to comment on retards I will. This person should never be hired, and I have a lot of friends that will tell you off if you keep replying to me and yeah no one cares, the moderator friend of mine even agrees with me

@*** zack from ontario canada

Someone smarter than a retard should know in Canada it is spelt colour with a u, not the American way. Sorry.


Before calling people retards learn the difference between snow and slow. Before correcting anyone for misspelling "color" which in some parts of the world is spelled "colour" learn how the difference between snow and slow.