Cleveland, Ohio

Walmart # 01895 W Market st. Fairlawn Ohio.

I checked out at register 16 on Monday, August 18th 2015 at 6:21 PM. I paid for ALL the items listed on the receipt shown here. The cashier started checking out the next customer and bagging their items while I was still trying to grab my bags. I got home 15 minutes later and realized that I didnt obtain one of the bags.

The things that were missing are highlighted below. I drove back to Walmart, spent an hour total waiting at the customer service desk. The items that I PAID for were given to another customer. The assistant manager, dark skin man with a taboggan and facial hair, told me that I took the items.

I believe he thought since I took bags, I took them all. I was humiliated. It was only about $12 worth of items. This is the absolute worst shopping experience of my life.

Something has to be done.

I will submit reviews on every website possible about my horrible experience until I am contacted with a sincere apology and promise that something was done about the situations. I still do not have the items or the money, it has been over 2 days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: I was lied to and humiliated and the items I paid for was given to another customer, no one has done anything about it.

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Pay attention during the check out. Dont blame anyone .

You shouldnt have left the line without knowing if you grabbed all of your items. All the effort of your complaints to numerous places is only adding to your problem.

Its 12 dollars only, so give it a rest and move on. Pay attention next time, as im certain you will.


Thank you, I hope many of these people complaining about not having their items they paid for grow up and accept part responsibility that they made a mistake.


Got a call from Walmart. They apologized and said the reviewed the video and my items were given to the next customer.

I am so relieved.


Whoever DID get your items and did not return them is a *** It was wrong.