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I was shopping at the Pasadena Maryland store went through the self checkout lane had two coupons one would not scan touched can't scan coupon three times the self checkout cashier looks over at me and scratched her head I had to ask her to come over and help me with my coupon. She walked over to me with an attitude.

I proceed to show her that my 75 cent coupon would not scan she then says to me it took it I tell her no it did not that's for the parcheesi. She then takes my order over to the self checkout register and the coupon wouldn't scan over there a supervisor was walking by at the time and a Walmart employee was at another self checkout lane having an issue with a product that was scan I g the wrong price. With an attitude the cashier says to the supervisor can you go and help the employee while I stay here and deal with this customer and her coupon Then there was another supervisor at subway standing inline and another employee the cashier said to the employee can you go ask Jeff( supervisor standing in line why this coupon will not take. I said to the cashier why can't he come over here and talk to me?

Her reaction was he is on break.

I spend over 75.00 a week at this store and to be treated like this is ridiculous. And let me just remind everyone that all these employees are African American and I Caucasian now would I had been treated any other way if I was African American.

If these employees don't want to have to handle all costumer problems no matter what race then they shouldn't be working in a general public environment. I had called Walmart corporate office right after this happened and jaws told that s manager or assistant manager would get back to me I have yet to hear from anyone I guess Walmart doesn't care about their customers.Iwill no longer be shopping at walmart

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Okay none of this happened, but blacks always play the race card when they get their way. I wanted them to see just how foolish it is to play the race card.

I know that my being helped has nothing to do with me being Caucasian, but I just want the blacks to see how foolish they are being when they play the race card. Yeah I understand that Jeff was on break, and this has nothing to do with me being Caucasian, but come on blacks play the race card all the time.

If you people are reading this see how foolish you sound. Thanks for reading.