Denver, Colorado
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I had three very rude employees at the Castle Rock, CO walmart store #0984. The self check out cashier daniel was taking forever to help me.

These two other employees named austin and kira were in uniform they were standing around talking. I asked them to help me and the little witch kira said "i'm on break so its not my problem". Im going to get that witch fired.

I have never had a walmart employee talk to me like that. Im shocked that walmart hires people as rude as kira.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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*** this is a true comment. their job is to help customers


had a teacher make me miss recess and always screaming at me just because she didn't like me. name miss levine from 5th grade.

what a witch she was.

and being on break is no excuse for rudeness. if she was on break then she should say well im on break right now bu t u can go see one of them and they will be glad to assist u instead of being rude


Thats horrible! I would yell at that girl if she did that to me.


If she is on break she is not required to help you. Also why are you calling someone a girl when you are the one behaving like a child.

While they are on break they are not paid, so no one is required to help you. It is like your teacher insisting you miss recess and do some math. Same with your second grade friend friend who wrote the review.

What is rude of you was having her expect to help you while on break. But if she was on break she should not be wearing a vest.