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My wife and I where checking out after shopping, we got in a line and waited 15 minutes for the people in front of us and emptied our basket onto the belt, the whole time we waited no one said anything after the cashier finished the transaction she tells us "I'm, sorry that was my last customer." I was a little agitated and raised the complaint that she could have told me before I unloaded my cart, she agreed and said "Then you will be my last customer, if someone comes behind you could you let them know." The cashier in the next line turned around and asked her when her shift ended, she answered "11:00pm" it was 11:07pm, the cashier from the next line then turns and very rudely tells me and my wife "She's closed!" When I started to try to speak she cut me off and raised her voice again saying "She's closed, you need to go somewhere else!" When our cashier started to come to our defense the other cashier took a nasty tone with her and told her to go close out her register. At this point I was so pissed I could hardly speak.

I told my wife to just get our son and let's go and leave the merchandise on the belt before I lost my temper. She insisted that we buy it though since we barely get a chance to go shopping with a newborn and both of us have full time jobs. So instead I took our son and she found another line and waited while we went to the car. I did take down the name of the cashier was so rude and the register she was working as well as the time.

I won't deal with that again, there are too many other stores in my area to deal with a business who lets employees treat customers like that. It really is a shame too I like shopping at SAM's too but I refuse to give my business to a company who allows this kind of behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Guys I told one of my friends of this incident and how it almost made me lose my temper and take it out on my wife and newborn son. My so called friend reported me and my son has been placed in foster care.


Wtg boycott


This is WalMart. It's that simple.

I do question your ability to control the surrender impulse of your wife, however. The correct thing to do was as you wanted---leave it on the checkout belt and walk away.

It's the principle. And, of course never shop at WalMart again.